Sales Training and Development for Optimal Selling Performance.

SALESPRACTICE sales training and development services unite the principles and practice of personal selling with the principles and practice of performance excellence to help sales practitioners improve practices, capabilities, and results.
The "SALESPRACTICE" brand of sales training and development services draw from decades of personal research and real-world experience in large/complex sales and are delivered via private coaching, instructor-led interactive workshops, short duration courses, mini-seminars, and seminars administered by the "Sales Education Alliance".
I. Hot Topics
II. Executive Education (Resources)
  • Yale : Customized and unique education programs.
  • MIT Sloan : Education programs designed for senior executives.
  • Harvard : Programs designed for your organization.
  • Columbia : Learn, lead, innovate.
  • Darmouth : Thought leaders, real world knowledge.
III. Leads
  • Prospecting : Identifying and Finding Prospective Buyers
  • Referrals : Introductions, Suggestions, and Recommendations
  • Networking : Connections, Relationships, and Opportunities
  • Cold Calling : Unsolicited and Unannounced Calls or Visits
  • Follow-up : Subsequent Contact to Further an Outcome
IV. Promotion
V. Personal Selling
  • Approach : Contact, Connect, and Engage
  • Interview : Developing Trust, Confidence, and Understanding
  • Presentation : Communicating Well-Formed Outcomes
  • Closing : Progression of Consent and Decision
  • Resistance : Expression, Interpretation, and Response
  • Negotiation : Reaching Mutual Agreement through Dialogue
VI. Psychology
VII. Miscellaneous
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