Sales Training: How to Sell with Optimum Influence and Appeal

SALESPRACTICE sales training, sales development training - based on decades of real world experience and practice-based research in making and managing major sales.

We work with clients on sales performance improvement through instruction, practice, and coaching. Delivery of our education-training programs is by means of one-on-one coaching sessions, short duration courses, instructor-led interactive workshops, and seminars.

Sales Training Discussion Forum

With a focus on education and training the online forum at is best suited to students and trainers who are pursuing peak performance in personal selling. The forum offers members a virtual space to connect, engage, and learn from each other. Members benefit from:

  • Gaining access and exposure to other member's experience, expertise, and insights.
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency through shared knowledge and learning.
  • Forming meaningful relationships with others who share a passion for selling.
  • Ongoing personal and professional development by way of instruction and guidance.
  • Sharing ideas and feedback with a diverse group of people from various backgrounds.
  • Updating knowledge, values, behaviors, and skills to best practices in modern selling.

Forum discussion threads are available to the public for viewing on a "read-only" basis and can be reached thru the hyperlinks below.

Discussion Topics from the Sales Training Forum

Updated: 2014-09-02

Sales Leads - Lead Generation Methods

  • Prospecting - Identify, Contact, and Qualify Prospects for your Offering.
  • Referrals - Introductions, Recommendations, and Word of Mouth Marketing.
  • Networking - Valuable Connections, Relationships, and Opportunities.
  • Cold Calling - Unsolicited and Unannounced Calls and Visits to Prospects.

Promotional Mix Objectives and Techniques

Sales Process - Personal Selling Skills and Abilities

  • Preapproach - Preparing, Practicing, and Planning for Success in Selling.
  • Approach - Connecting, Engaging, and Aligning with People.
  • Interview - Gain Trust, Cooperation, and Understanding.
  • Presentation - Communicate Well-Formed Outcomes that Make Sense and Matter.
  • Closing - Progress of Consent, Consensus, and Decision.
  • Resistance - Expression, Interpretation, and Response.
  • Negotiation - Try to Reach Mutual Agreement thru Dialogue or Compromise or both.
  • Follow-up - Subsequent Contact to Further an Objective or Outcome.

Human Behavior and Influence

General Sales and Marketing Related Topics

  • Marketing - Value Creation, Communication, and Exchange.
  • Management - Employee Selection, Job Training, and Performance Management.
  • Jobs - Sales Work in Business, Service, and Non-profit Organizations.
  • Technology - Offline and Online Technology used in the Business or Activity of Selling.
  • Customer Service - Actions Before, During, and After the Sale to Foster Satisfaction.
  • Education - The Learning Process, Lessons, Books, and Schools.