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The SALESPRACTICE brand of training and development services are based on decades of real world experience and practice-based research in making and managing major sales.

We work with clients to improve personal performance through study, instruction, practice, and coaching. Our sales training and development services are delivered by means of one-on-one coaching sessions, short duration courses, instructor-led interactive workshops, and seminars.

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Lead Generation Methods, Techniques, and Guidelines
  • Prospecting - Identify, Contact, and Qualify Prospective Customers for your Offering.
  • Referrals - Introductions, Recommendations, and Word of Mouth Marketing.
  • Networking - Mutually Beneficial Connections, Relationships, and Opportunities.
  • Cold Calling - Unsolicited and Unannounced Calls and Visits to Prospective Customers.
Promotion Activities and Objectives
  • Personal Selling - Interpersonal Skills, Feelings, Needs, and Exchanges of Value.
  • Advertising - Paid Promotion Intended to Inform, Persuade and/or Remind.
  • Sales Promotion - Short term Consumer and Trade Promotion Techniques.
  • Public Relations - Create, Promote, and Maintain Public Understanding and Acceptance.
  • Direct Marketing - Advertising Messages Sent Directly to Consumers.
Personal Selling Skills, Strategies, and Techniques
  • Preapproach - Preparing, practicing, and planning for selling.
  • Approach - Meet, Engage, and Relate Well with Others.
  • Interview - Credibility, Confidence, and Understanding.
  • Presentation - Communicating Well-Formed Outcomes that Make Sense and Matter.
  • Closing - Progress of Consent, Consensus, and Decision.
  • Resistance - Expression, Interpretation, and Response.
  • Negotiation - Trying to Reach Mutual Agreement through Dialogue and/or Compromise.
  • Follow-up - Subsequent Contact to Further an Objective.
Understanding and Influencing Human Behavior
Selling Related Topics
  • Marketing - Creating, Communicating, and Exchanging Value.
  • Management - Sales Force Leadership, Coaching, and Teams.
  • Jobs - Opportunities for Selling in Business, Service, and Non-profit Organizations.
  • Technology - Offline and Online Technology used in the Business or Activity of Selling.
  • Customer Service - Before, During, and After the Sale Service to Promote Satisfaction.
  • Education - Learning Process, Lessons, Books, Schools, Curriculum, and Certification.