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"Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass." -Paul J. Meyer
Networking People - During networking with people Should I ask them to take out life insurance policy from me . Please guide me
Set up a community allegiance network in your area. - Put together a range of companies (about 10) that will all donate to a community project, charity or not for profit organisation when they sell something. Customers would rather buy their insurance of someone who would donate say $10 to Greenpeace or their local school...
Networking Events - I'm not much of a "Networker" as of yet. Does anyone have any advice on how or where to get started?
Build Stranger Network - Hello all sales and marketing gurus here. I'm a newbie joined MLM sales line recently for health care, home care, and personal care poducts. Well, I dont have a big friends or family network to rise my sales volume/ promote my product. Thus, I have to tackle stranger...
Networking Open Ended Questions. - Can anyone please provide me with a list of open ended questions that I should ask people to know about their dreams, vision, goals, fears, business, family, likes and dislikes, liesure time, hobbies, friend circle, business associates etc.;bg
Life Insurance Networking. - I understood your point that when meeting with people (networking) I should only make rapport with them (Make friends). and not sell them life insurance or ask them fact finding, probing questions (prospecting). I would like to know how should I offer my life insurance...
Create a Network of Colleagues, Cronies, Clients and Friends - The title for this thread is from an article by Susan RoAne in the local real estate magazine that came today. In the article she wrote, "The most powerful people aren't necessarily those with the biggest titles but rather those with the biggest rolodex files". I've seen...
What does "Networking" mean to you? - When "networking" comes up in conversation some people think about networking events and lead clubs. What does "Networking" mean to you?
Who should be included in your sphere of influence? - Ideally who should be considered part of your sphere of influence? What are the boundaries?
Business Referral Network - I’m actually going write this with two different hats on. I’m the president of my local rugby club and I’m also a car dealer. This has worked very well for me, the local business community and the not for profit rugby club that I help to run. I started...
Networking Skills - I'd be interested in learning more about Networking skills. Does anyone have any advice on the subject or know of any articles I could read?
Who's in your business referral network? - As many of you know, I'm trying to get into brokering used manufactured/mobile homes in leased lot communities (sort of like a real estate agent). As I work on the business plan, I want to note that I will be building a long-term, mutually supportive business referral...
Joining a chamber of commerce? - Realtor mentioned that the chamber of commerce has lead groups but other than that what would be the advantage of joining?
Sales leads clubs - I found out about sales leads clubs today. Does anyone belong to one of these? Do they really work? Any recommendations?
get in the community! - make sure to participate in the community related to your product. make friends and associates with people who can be potential sellers, or buyers. really dive into the world that you are working in. be outgoing and dont stand on the side-lines.
Networking is great but.... - I know networking is a great business, but there are many who have tried and failed. Why is that? It may be because of not enough continous referrel and expansion of the network. So, not everyone can succeed.
Networking Article From Entrepreneur Mag 12/05 - This is a link to an article from Entrepreneur magazine that talks about Networking. I would like to know your thoughts. Bonita........... http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/0,4621,324350,00.html
B2B Networking - What are some of the better online and offlice B2B Networking groups?
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