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"So you see, imagination needs moodling - long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering." -Brenda Ueland
Feature Stories (A form of free publicity) - Feature stories are one of the greatest ways to gain free publicity. Feature articles are when you write a story for an online or print publication. These articles generally have a section at the end of the article in which you can leave your name and website along with an...
Online Press release - How many of you do online press release whenever you have any new product or service , does it really help than doing it offline ?
avant garde publicity ideas? - i want my company to be a new and cool..and i want to publicize it in a fun way. how can i let clothing stores know about me.? maybe somethings i can send them thru the mail? lets brainstorm guys! and help each other out!
Which contributes much to the company's reputation? - Public Relation, from my point of view, is the relationship of the company to its customers. On the other hand, publicity for me, means how much popular the services or products of the company. Which contributes more to the company's reputation? For me, public relation...
Public Relations and Publicity Training or Education - Have you undertaken professional training or serious study of Public Relations and Publicity?
Publicity Campaign - What are the best media outlets and formats? - For independent salespeople on a limited budget what are some of the best choices for media outlets and formats?
Reputation Management - If you found out that a competitor was bad mouthing you around town what would you do?
There is no such thing as bad publicity - Last week some of us in the office were talking about how celebrities get bad publicity but it doesn't hurt them like the Brittany Spears photos. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity and it looks like that is true. Do you agree?
Press Release Question - For any of you who have had press releases written, can you give me a ballpark idea of how much to expect to pay? Is it ever possible to have the release writer also do some online promotion to make sure the release gets to the public for an extra cost, or is that...
Effective Public Relations - Can someone tell me how the effectiveness of public relations is best measured? Can you also provide some examples of effective evaluation techniques? Thank you.
Free publicity article - I'm thinking I could write a short article on the differences between manufactured home loans and real estate loans and then ask the newspaper if they wanted to use it. That would be free publicity for me and I'd look pretty savvy right? Do you see any problems with doing...
Online press releases and targeted traffic - Hi, Is anybody here involved into online press releases here? If yes, do you notice the nice change in traffic for your keyword/key phrase you promote in your press release? What PR services do you use? Thanks in advance.
Hire a Publicist! (For book writers...) - It worked for me. I hired a publicist to publish my book and promote it. I'm very happy with the service I have received so far: http://www.signingstars.net/cocktails.htm
Write Ups / Reviews - For anyone interested... more great sources of publicity can be found in the form of "write ups" and/or "reviews" of you, your business, your website, etc. Examples: Evening News Websites Newspapers Magazines etc. What does it take to get noticed? Sometimes all it takes...
Free Publicity Ideas - I thought it would be a great idea to start a list of publicity ideas. Here are a few ideas I've come across: Press Releases: Local newspapers often publish press releases. Articles: You can send in "feature articles" to local newspapers. Public Speaking: for instance you...
Barbra Streisand Plugs Restaurant - A few weeks ago when Barbra Streisand was performing in Toronto, she mentioned her favourite restaurants in town either onstage, or in a press interview. Sorry, I forget which it was. How's that for free publicity?
Newspaper Press Release - I've read a lot and quite often I come across the suggestion to submit press releases to the local newspaper for free publicity. Has anyone done this? If so, any advice?
How much Can Publicity Cost? - How much Can Publicity Run Up the cost? say for a small bussnies want some Publicity how much can the Bill run up to? Minimum price if any one knows?
Small Business Publicity - When it comes to small businesses, what are some common methods of gaining publicity?
Public Relations vs. Publicity - What is the difference between "Public Relations" and "Publicity?" :confused:
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