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Need some opinions on a script

So I am working for a guy that just started this site called postproject and we are trying to get it rolling right now but are having a little trouble getting contractors to sign up so I thought it would be smart to start with a script at least. any feedback is appreciated! I've never written a script on my own before so here's what i got so far: (also keep in mind I am talking to CONTRACTORS and if you've ever had the pleasure to work with one it can be hell, and they hate talking to people and wasting their time more than other industries i've worked with by far so It's gotta be sweet and to the point)

Hello *name*,
My name is *name* and I calling from Post Project. I am calling because we have someone in need of a *type of contractor needed* and we need more *type of contractor* in your area, would you be interested in giving them a quote?
Great! Well if you want to log onto our site and sign up as a contractor I can contact you back with their contact info as well as other projects that might need your services in the area.
Now what we do is generate leads for you, unlike every other lead generator that charges you per-lead you pay a yearly fee. With that fee you can log onto the site and look for projects being posted around you, and respond to as many as you want. If you don’t have time to check the site or would rather not check it what I can do is keep track of the most recent postings and call you whenever one is available in your area so that you get the jobs asap. So what you’re really getting is someone working full time everyday finding you good jobs to do.


Q: "How do you get postings?"
A: we contact homeowners many ways; we contact anyone that has recently purchased a house, anyone that has recently pulled building permits and general advertising and word of mouth.

Q: "How many can I respond to?"
A: you can respond to as many projects as you want without having to pay anything.

Q: "How much does it cost to post on the site as a homeowner?"
A: It’s absolutely free

Q: "Is there a shorter term I can do than a year?"
A: Yes! You can sign up for 6 months

Q: "Is there anything shorter than 6 months?"
A: I can see if I can work something out, BUT if you do sign up for the 6 month membership, we %100 guarantee that there will be jobs in your area in your catagory. - by kyled
In my opinion the biggest problem I see; I think you should be more up front about the fact that they will be charged to post on the site. It looks a little under handed the way you come across and I'm sure you don't intend to do that.

Warmest Regards - by MPrince
It's obvious that your intro is very misleading. - by Ace Coldiron
Hello *name*,
My name is *name* and I calling from Post Project. I am calling because we have someone in need of a *type of contractor needed* and we need more *type of contractor* in your area, would you be interested in giving them a quote?
I will be straight with you and tell you I don't like the way you are doing things. Here is an example of what I would do;

SR Hi, is this ________________?

PB Yes, who is calling?

SR Great ____________, I am glad I reached you. My name is _________ and I represent _____________. The reason for contacting you today was to let you know that we are generating prospective clients that need an/a ____________________ in <insert name of area>, through our extensive online marketing. These people are looking for quotes for services and you could be actively seeking their business. Our challenge is we have no __________ listed local to you! In other words, you would be the only one that would be competition for their business if you sign up – best part is, the sign up is free!

---- RECAP ----

You must be completely honest. Do not mislead then and, in my opinion, your intro is misleading. In addition, you must be ready to explain the “extensive online marketing” in a very appealing way.

Lastly, part of what has to happen is you need to let them know if there are hidden charges or “back-end” charges. But you need not do that in the initial intro script. - by Gold Calling
First thanks for posting your script. That takes guts to do. Most people really do not want to hear feedback and that is what keeps cold callers from moving forward to success.

Your opening line should let your prospect know what's in this call that is for him. Such as, Joe, I've got a site up with 1,000 people looking for contractors every day. I need help. I only have 2 contractors for them to view. Do you know anyone who could be interested in this kind of exposure to possible new clients?

The sentences in your script need to be tighter - but that is the idea. "Scripts" is a big, big topic. Learn to think about scripts in the correct way and your results will improve.


Leslie Buterin (like butterin' bread) - by The Top Dog
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