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Customer loyalty? Yeah right!

Customer loyalty is a rare commodity I'm starting to believe. From what I've seen what is more common is customers picking the brains of salespeople making those salespeople unpaid consultants. Has this been your experience too? - by Thomas
Customer loyalty is a huge factor for automotive sales. Key part is making yourself stand out from ALL other sales people. Do something to set you apart so they remember you and like doing business with you. I have customers that have been enticed by the competition on the same type of unit for 2-3k less then what I was selling it for and still buy from me because 1) they were loyal and 2) they loved the service. - by jrboyd
Customer loyalty is a huge factor for automotive sales.
Instead of "customer" let's use "prospective customer". In the world of automobile sales are prospective customers loyal or is that the exception not the rule? - by Thomas

Wouldn't a 'prospective customer' be someone that has yet to purchase from you. They couldn't be considered loyal until they repeat purchase! jrboyd's point I think, was that people buy from people they like, trust and remember, not necessarily the cheapest.

There is certainly such a thing as 'customer loyalty'. The 'offering' (service,