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Any one else notice...

that the market seems to be turning again? Wondering if its just here in the region, if its just a hiccup or if it is actually starting to rebound. Over night my dealership went from 2-3 units a day to 9-12 units a day and it's been consistent for the past 4 days. I've done 7 sales in these past 4 days, and it just seems like we are on the way back from this recession. - by jrboyd
Hi Jr,

Remember one thing. It's the razor edge that separates the good sales people from the great sales people and much of that edge is between their ears.

If you buy in to the recession, then sales won't be so good. However, if you stop listening to all the talk and keep focused on your goals and dreams, sales just seem to fall in your lap.

"Obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes of our goals".

You are responsible for the day you create for yourself...


Make it a GREAT day! - by Jim Klein

Are you selling mainly used cars at the moment?

We've seen demand for used cars in UK, keeping many dealers going! - by marky
Used car sales have dramatically increased, but I prefer new cars. Sell twice as many. - by jrboyd

Its really strange, most car sales people in the UK say they like used over new, so they sell more used. I think they find used cars easier to sell! - by marky
It's all a mental thing. They like used cars because they make more on used car. Or so they think. Your initial income is greater than that of new, but with my manufacturer I get a $50.00 bonus for every car I sell once I reach 100 units for the year. Also every 2 to 3 months we get pull boards which puts an extra 100-200 commision on certain units. On top of that the dealer puts out bonuses for selling passenger cars and old age units. My comission check of 12 units this month was 2400 dollars but my bonus check was almost 3000. This doesnt count the 50.00 per car I get at end of year and the pull board money. I average 150-180 units a year at 50 a unit is another 7500-9000 at end of year. - by jrboyd
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