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Brian Tracy - Advanced Selling Strategies...a little confused

I'm currently reading Advanced Selling Strategies by Brian Tracy and enjoying it thoroughly. As a matter of fact, one day I was feeling down and my attitude was in the slums. I had one more callback that night and I had made no sales that day.

I read a few paragraphs of the book which explained a strategy called mental rehearsing which you saw the desired effect of the meeting before even speaking with the prospect. In essence the strategy incorporates five steps. The first step is for you to think about a recent sales success and keep it in your mind. Second involves a few basic breathing exercises that give you more clarity and creativity. Step three is to visualize the exact desired outcome of the coming meeting by closing your eyes and seeing yourself perform at your best. Step four is to create an affirmative statement describing what you want to achieve, such as "This meeting will turn out perfectly!". The final step is of course mental rehearsal the key to making the whole process work, is for you to get the feeling.

In short, I used the strategy and made the sale. I'm not sure whether or not I would have made the sale anyways even if I didn't incorporate the strategy. However, I did feel much more confident and my attitude shot through the roof after the exercise and before calling the prospect.

Anyways that was a little off topic, the reason for this thread is that I'm just a little confused about something I noticed in the book. Brian Tracy explains that you must visualize yourself as the best you possibly can and tells you to repeat self affirmations such as "I am the president of my own professional sales corporation." and "I am an excellent salesperson." However a few chapters later he states the reality principle.

The reality principle states you must deal with the world as it is, not as you wish it were. Living with reality, which is an extension of personal honesty, means refusing to engage in self-deception. It means dealing with life exactly as it is, not as you wish, or hope, or pray it could be.

This seems to be contradicting to what he mentioned earlier in the book in terms of raising your self-esteem and self-respect by asking us to visualize ourselves as the way we want to be in the future and reciting self affirmations. I think I'm just understanding wrong. Can someone clarify what he's trying to point out? Thanks in advance. - by Are You With Me
I'm not sure I should be doing this... I spent hundreds of dollars on Brian Tracy....

I'm not sure I remember the words he used, but the concept is the same that Mark Victor Hansen I believe it was, espoused years ago of if "you believe you can achieve".

The world is as it is.... no question about this. You are who you want to be. The world if full of deluded people, including salesmen who believe they are the presidents of their A1 sales corporations. If you believe you are a professional, you become one. 21 days.. Mark Victor Hansen, Tracy, Hopkins... maybe ziglar too.. all believe this.. and so do I.

Believe in what you do and your attitude adjusts to that. If you are confident, you exude enthusiasm. Enthusiasm... that is the secret of Bettger, and it's Tracy's secret, Hansens secret, and as you found, might also be your secret.

Go in KNOWING you're on your game is a lot different that going in and not being sure. This is ALL attitude.

I have written and stapled in my briefcase... an old wrinkled hand made laminated card of some 30 years... in fact maybe now I've a color printer.... I digress

Be Sincere
Take the first step"

Action Selling says go in with a committment objective... Simple.. the first step. Get the appointment. Get the next meeting. Get the committment of the sale... the next step starts with the first step.

Brian Tracy ... he's almost boring on tape... but if you listen to what he says... that's why he great on a commute... he works on your sub-conscious... mostly cuz he puts you out first... but the subliminal messages... in a nutshell... if you believe you can achieve... If you can visualize you can realize.... If you will actualize the riches will materialize ... hokey stuff.... my kind of training... :)

21 days... this works... no matter what you're doing. If you can believe... attitude...

Like I said.... don't know if I should even be doing this...

Aloha... :c