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We don't want to buy the first thing we see.

I met with a husband and wife first thing this morning who just arrived in town last night. We looked at three homes and they liked all three but they both liked the last one the most. I asked if they wanted to write a contract and the wife says, "We said (to themselves) that we wouldn't buy the first one we see."

I know what I said but what would you have said? - by Thomas
"Oh Betsy, thanks so much for sharing that information with me, I really appreciate your candor. Would it be okay if we talk about that a bit?"

Then, continue probing and clarifying:

"Now when we first started talking this morning, Betsy and Ron, you told me that you're looking for _________ and ________, and you also mentioned that __________ was very important to you. Do I have that right?"

[they respond, and will either confirm your understanding, or revise what they said, or offer up some new information. Assuming they confirm that those facts are correct, you continue...].

"Aside from your concern about not moving forward with the first home you saw today, please tell me how well you think this home meets the _________ criteria." [the first of their criteria; assuming they confirm it meets their criteria, continue and ask about the second criteria and so on. Assuming everything is okay, you continue...]

"So we've confirmed that the three most important factors in this decision have been met and I have to congratulate you for that! Some of my customers look for several days to find what they wanted, but it appears to me that this property really meets your needs, do you agree?"

And so on to another closing action.

Of course, this is a sample script that may not exactly meet the needs of your specific situation with the specific client because I don't have all the information I would need to truly customize the strategy for that. But you get the idea.

But what concerns me is that there are many opportunities to uncover objections BEFORE you get to the close (by the way, I applaud you for asking for the sale).

One could have said earlier in the conversation: "Betsy (address the question to the dominant party), if we find a property that you like, will you be in a position to move ahead with writing an offer today?" [Betsy says "yes"] "Ron, do you agree?" [Ron will be more likely to say yes if the dominant decision maker has already said yes.]

A trial close (or series of trial closes) could have probably prevented your situation:

"You told me it was important that the kitchen be up-to-date, do you think this kitchen is up-to-date?" [they say yes]

"I heard you say that it was really important that you have a fig tree in your back yard, and you've got a nice one back there...do you like it?" [they say yes]

"Finally, you really wanted to have 10' ceilings, and this home has 11' ceilings. Do you feel that meets your requirements?" [they say yes]

Then, you ask your closing question about writing up a contract. If you get a negative answer to any of the questions, then you back up and probe until you determine that either (1) the information they gave you was incorrect or they revised their opinion between then and now; or (2) your understanding of the information was incorrect but you now have a revised and more accurate understanding of the situation; or (3) something else. With good probing skills, you will rarely have (3). Occasionally, prospects will turn out to be flakes (that would fall into the "3" category", but the earlier in the process you can determine that the better off you'll be. So if they told you they want a pool and then you show them a property with a pool and they're resistant a good prober will be able to find out what's behind all of that.

I hope that helps.

Skip - by Skip Anderson
A difficult situation and a good answer from Skip but in reality I would probably react exactly as your customers have done.

The approach commonly used by agents to address this issue is to wear the customer down until they have seen enough property to make them sick of it all, then finally show them the one that best meets their needs. Not an approach that I would recommend as a potential customer or indeed ethically. - by TonyB
I'm not familiar with Home Sales too much, but if I'd spent the day with them getting involved with two or three homes and one they liked much better than the rest, I think that I'd ask them to remind me again of the best features of the house they liked the most. I'd ask them I think what they thought was the most benefit they'd have from the house's location.

I'd give them my card, a brochure of our properties and thank them again for reiterating for me the best features of the home as they saw it in order to share those features and benefits with the next couple you showed the house to if along the way of reiterating the benefits of the house as they saw it, they didn't become remotionally involved, that is... :)

Not much I know... but on the fly, that's all I got... besides a big gulp... ;bg

Much Aloha... :cool: - by rattus58
Again I have a more off-standard approach to sales, and build up alot of rapport with customers, where they are at ease with telling jokes and such. This style works great for me but may not be suited to other sales people.

"Mr. Customer, that's great news! That's why this was the last house I showed you and not the first! But in all seriousness now, this house has ________, _________, and __________ that you were looking for right? And I haven't done anything to offend you have I? So see you've completed the two hardest parts of buying a home. You have found a house and a sales consultant that you both LOVE. Biggest thing now is fitting this into your budget plan right? Let's see what we can do about that. What type of offer were you guys wanting?" - by jrboyd
You want to know what I told her? I said, "This isn't the first one I showed you it's the third. You can't get this deal anywhere else. This is a crazy deal. Do you like the home? Do you want the home? Then let's write it up!"

P.S. They bought the home right then and there! - by Thomas
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