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What is the most effective way approach a business

Today we're told that we have 8.1% unemployed. The real numbers considering those who are now NOT LOOKING for work seems to depress confidence. How is this affecting sales? Well in my two businesses, one property casualty, the other in personal financial products and worksite, in the property casualty side, we're seeing premiums take major hits. Contractors who paid $40,000 for a liability policy are now paying maybe $8,000. Others can't afford it at all.

So we are humping it and making more calls. We use the phone mostly but we are also taking the opportunity to visit businesses face to face.

The economy gives us the opportunity to ask employers if they've recently reviewed their benefit packages and it also gives us the opportunity to present to employers worksite products that are important to employees.... disability, critical illness, accident and hospital products at substantial savings.

How are you all dealing with these challenges and how do you approach employers?

Aloha... Tom :cool: - by rattus58
Hi Tom

I choose not to participate in the economic downturn so when I approach an employer I never mention the economy unless he/she does. The last thing they need to hear from me is gloom and doom. Of course the conversation always comes around to the economy. When that happens I tell them I am doing great. If they are having a hard time I am compassionate. I also do every thing I can to help them to understand there has never been a better time to capture the market, when their competitors are cutting back on their advertising. Even though some people may be hurting financially, there will still be people that will need his services or products. If he is the one that is advertising he is likely to be the one to get the business.

Warmest Regards - by MPrince
Hi Martha... :) Geeeeze what a bumblehead.... called you Mary earlier..... sheeeeeeesh

I may not be as compassionate as you, but I know what you are saying. We have stumbled across a common thread here with some of the business owners by accident with how we are approaching them now but you are right on in not giving in to circumstance.


Tom :cool: - by rattus58
Hey TIm...you can call me Mary! - by MPrince
hehehe..... stcktng; ;st - by rattus58
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