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Has Anyone Started A Marketing Specialties Sideline, As A Wholesaler?

I see some familiar names on this forum, from all of the time I surf the net and soak up other peoples shared insights.

Many are consultants, coaches, etc...

I am putting together a coalition of contractors and have recently been investigsting the additional add on supplement to the entire organization, as having an EASY BUTTON Marketing Follow Through System available, so easy, even a caveman could do it.

I find that many business entities sort of do a lot of "Thinking About Doing This Or That" in their marketing plans, but other fires come up way too frequently for them to actually put something into motion.

So, I was cruising looking for the least expensive, yet still quality oriented producers of direct mail campaign pieces, such as post cards, etc...

It was amazing what I found, just with a bief period of investigation.

I had almost been automatically programmed to believe what the "Going Rate" or even the cheapest advertised rated of these type of products were, when all of a sudden, I thought of the wholesaler affiliation, all from one discussion with one printer, who knew that I had nearly 1,000 other contractors already enlisted, who offered me a token commission fee.

Well, if he was so willing for that amount, I needed to find some other resources, which I did. How much more can I dig deeper into this field to discover where I can get the best quality and pricing for multitudes of contractors targeted or saturation mailing campaigns.

Prior to looking deeply, the best price for a 6" x 9" post card, to a limited radius encompassing only about 200 addresses, was .42 cents each, just because I did not know any better.

Then I found .32 each.

Then even lower yet.

These all included the graphics artwork required, the mailing lists the 4/4 color printing on both sides and printed on quality stock and also including the postage.

I see way too many people paying over .80 each for these items. Do you run this as a side venture for your busnesses?

Ed - by Ed The Roofer

My experience has been in the electric media advertising and campaign planning mostly television so I am not equipped to help you here.

Warmest Regards - by MPrince
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