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Request for Life Insurance.

I am a Life Insurance agent. How to issue business card and request for the business and services when I meet people. Kindly please provide word to word (exact) script on what to say without sounding as if I am begging. Because right now whenever I meet people I say things like please (buy) take out insurance policy from me etc.( it sounds as if I am begging). And the expected answer is people always say that I should not put them in an awkward situation. ie embarrassing situation. since I am begging for business and service they are ashamed of me because I ask them like that. I would like to know what is the correct way to request for business and services so that I don't sound as if I am begging and also they don't feel ashamed. PLEASE PLEASE HELP! - by dennis27
Dennis...let me think on this a bit and I will help you come up with a script. - by MPrince
Maybe this approach:

Can I ask you a question? Imagine for just a moment that you died yesterday. What would be the biggest concern your family would have today?

Let them share. Then, if you feel they are a good prospect, ask:

When might be a good time to sit and talk about how life insurance can eliminate that concern - later this week or early next week? - by jdedwa11
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