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I need honest feedback on my questions, coz it's not working

Hi again :)

There is something wrong... I guess it's either my questions or the way I ask the questions...

But I don't know what!

When they say "no" I proceed asking if they have had lots of such offers. Regardless of their answer, I try to lead the conversation towards if they have ever tried it.

Some say this kind of service is simply not working, the rest says they are still not interested.

Then I ask them what they would think a service like this should fulfill for that kind of price.
The few I got to ask then request an email, but no one has so far responded to that email. Except one decent sweetheart guy who said "no thank you".

I'm starting to feel pretty :dun
Because how do you convince someone that they need this advertising "help". I can see a great point in it, but they just can't, and if I carefully try to tell them what benefits they'll get, they hurry off the phone, and cut me off along the way.

30-40 of these situations... And I'm using my private phone, so I start worrying about the phonebill a lot.

Now I'm actually considering pulling out of all except for one project, and then try to sell my own stuff instead... Which this type of jobs was supposed to pay for.

Something has to change.

What do you guys think is the problem?
-I have also practiced not doubting the product...

Help please?

Take care everyone
*Louise - by cleocatra999
Louise, with an intention to provide you with some honest feedback in your quest for help, I looked back at your previous posts.

Here is the extent of what you have told us about what you do:
"As some of you may know, I try to sell ad-space... something like that..."
My honest feedback is that you haven't taken the time to share enough about your work, yet others have taken the time to help.

I've seen people with absolute minimal "qualifications" make it big in sales simply because they wanted it bad.

I also know that when a person has to go back to square one because his/her selling isn't working, that "square one" should consist of: Am I the right person selling the right product for the right reasons?

That's the honest feedback you requested from this neck of the woods. - by Ace Coldiron
Hi Ace :)

Thank you very much for the honest reply.

The thing I do is selling a service for websites (especially with webshops in mind) where they can make small ads, and the SEO-team will then do their best to get the ad as highly ranked on google as possible.
Within that service there is also included, that the ad is exposed 20,000 times daily through various portals.
The newest ads will be on the index page, so they will be shown whether or not people look for it.

I'm calling as many websites I can see has a pagerank lower than 5.

The thing I doubted was the fact that this is pretty new for them. So until now, there are lots of ads, but from private people, and the pictures and products are far from professional. Some of the ads on the index page is not even qualified for eBay! -Well, today there are new ads, and it looks a lot better than last week :)

I have asked myself that square one question you suggest.
And I believe I am able to pull this off for the right reasons. But the product does not live up to what I would consider a "good service". But I hope it will improve as soon as I get someone "professional" to sign up for it.

I hope this info helps a bit to get a clearer picture on what is going on right now.

Take care
Louise - by cleocatra999
DON'T try to sell over the phone. Try to get a face to face appointment, then sell them. - by jrboyd

What I get from you post is; you are doing your best to try and convince the prospect right then and there on the phone they need to buy what you are selling. You have to understand these people do not know you from Adam. You are just someone who decided to give them a call today and sell them something. You must be patient with them