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Real estate referral building

I need some ideas to gain referrals while being new to real estate

I have recently started in real estate sales, specifically new home sales, and have had only 5 customer walk-ins over the course of 50 days. My sales skills are good, I feel I can close, however, I need customers to present to before I can close them. I cannot wait for the door to open and refuse to believe that this is all to expect. I'm much more motivated than that, just need pointed in the right direction.
Thanks to all who will help - by martykapp
It doesn't seem to me like your problem is referals. To me it seems like your major obstacle is networking. Work on your networking, and you should see an increase in your presentations. Biggest thing to remember when networking, is to not sale while you are networking. You are their to build relationships, not sales. Biggest mistake I've seen people make is try to sale at networking functions.
Remember one thing. Your first year of sales is the hardest, because you don't have the referrals. Once you start getting referrals things will be easier for you. So maximize your current customers and make sure to give them a "Wow" Experience, so you can guarantee that they will give you referrals. - by jrboyd
Hi Marty

Get involved with the local Chamber of Commerce and go to all their functions that you can. While you are driving around look for "For Sale by Owner" signs, knock on their door and leave them a business card. Look for any kind of function that is going on where you can mingle and network and hand out business cards. Often it just takes a little time. I would also look in the paper in the classified section for "For Sale by Owner" ads. Look on Craig's list and you will find people there who have listed their homes you could call to see if they are ready for a real estate agent. These are a few ideas that I could think of off the top of my head. I believe you will do just fine!

Warmest Regards - by MPrince
I applaud your proactive stance and aren't waiting for clients to walk in the door. As others have stated, networking is a great way to build your customer base. People like doing business with people they know and trust. Along with picking a couple of beneficial groups, you need to volunteer for committees, have great follow through on what you tackle and continually be visible. Also,tell people everywhere what you do. If you are at yor child's soccer game, in a long line getting tickets or checking out, etc. Show passion and confidence, but don't be overbearing and intrusive. Also, balance your time. You can easily get caught up in volunteerism and find yourself devoting too much time to that and not enough to your business--listing, showing and selling houses.
Good luck.
Gerry - by GerryMyers
You are too focused on closing business. Work on relationships. Good discussion controls relationships and relationships control your business. You also need to express to others that the expression of value and goodwill is the ability to gain referrals as they are the coinage of your kingdom. Ask your top 25 customers for three to four referrals they can connect you with.

Finally I recommend networking events to increase your exposure. - by Drew Stevens
Figure out how to add VALUE to others' business and personal
lives--and do so tactfully with no agendas, repeatedly--and you will have your answer. - by MaxReferrals
I was recently at an airport when I came across something that seemed odd for a second than I thought brilliant. I saw a real estate agent holding a sign for advertising that she can help you look for a home. I live in a paradise area and many people visit this area for vacations and eventually many purchase winter homes to retire. - by rich34232
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