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Recognition of faces and names

Back in the early 90's I met this guy in sales. I was busy with my business and made many of the cardinal sins of business. I wasn't very proactive with it. This guy was my lumber salesman.

Now, if you remember the time, cell phones were just starting to hit and get big. There was no caller ID to speak of like there is today.

This guy had something about him. You just knew it. He had..."it" He was damn good at what he did. He outsold all others in the building combined.

But one thing amazed the hell out of me. He literally had hundreds of clients. He would be getting calls all day long. He would answer the phone, the person on the other end would say "Hello" or whatever, and this guy knew instantly who it was. No hesitation, no nothing. I tried to trick him one day because he said everyone has a specific way they talk when someone answers the phone. He still knew it was me.

Now I have never tried improving my skills in this area, I have been sadly negligent in this area. I have had minimal success in recognizing even peoples faces, let alone their voices. My sad skill is to input their phone numbers in my address book and it comes up on caller ID. Not the way I want to continue for obvious reasons.

Reading the post on skills I don't want anyone to take it the wrong way what I ask. But how did this guy do it? What kind of training did he do with himself to improve? I definitely do not mean "what's his trick" or anything like that.

I am expecting to be in contact with a similar amount of clients and it is very painfully obvious to me that it will hinder my business if I hem and haw my way through a call because I don't remember who is on the other end of the phone, or worse, I don't recognize the person and they say "hey! how's the so and so going" and I draw a blank.

Do you ever get into a situation where you meet say 6 people standing together and you are introduced, they go left to right, right to left or whatever and you forget the first guys name instantly? This is what I am talking about. I forget almost all of their names by the time 1 minute goes by.

Right now this is what I am doing to help. The caller id thing helps. Every time I meet with someone, right after the meeting, I go to a quiet place and write down details of the conversation, etc. I log in calls of who I talk with. I have a voice recorder on my BB. All of these things are helping minimally.

Any advice? Anyone I should be reading? Listening to on audio CD's? I think in the simplest of descriptions, what I'm saying is, my memory is pretty bad. - by kwhitten
Hi kwhitten

You are over thinking this. It is really very simple. How do you talk to people you know? How do you talk to your friends? Clients are people you have spent time with got to know, built a relationship with; be yourself, know your product, be honest and always do what is best for your client. That is the "it" in my opinion. Be yourself, know your product and always be honest and put the interest of your client first.

Warmest Regards - by MPrince
I really agree with you. Selling is more than a one time sale. The art of great sales comes from relationship building and integrity. Build customers for the long haul. You will make the sales and love your life! - by The Dynamic Business
It is my opinion that you have to "Pay" with "Attention" instead of in one ear and out the other. When you are free from distractions both internal and external and focus in the moment as you connect with your client remembering names and faces will no longer be a challenge. - by Houston
This is a simple memory trick that many people do use. Carangie Training helps you develop this. If you try to remember just the persons name then you are going to have a hard time with straight memorization. The trick is to associate everything with a mental image of something so outragous that you automatically remember it.

Example: The 13 colonies in the order they became colonies:

Picture a huge Deli Window, the kind you see at the old time deli's. A huge ball point Pen co