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Best Elevator Scripts

Elevator Scripts are short introductions that can take advantage of opportune moments to sell your product. Like if you ran into a Ďsuspectí in an elevator and wanted to advance a sale. If you already use one of these scripts, please share yours.

For those that donít have one, letís make it broader since I think sales people miss these opportunities daily.

How can you best turn these into opportunities?

How about if someone asks you;
What do you do?


How are things in the _______ business?
Can you advance the sale or get a referral? How would you be prepared in advance to answer these questions? What would be your script?

(For those of you that appreciate the disciplined power of prepared scripts)

- by Tony_B
To Clarify,

This is an ALSO an opportunity for people to post their versions and get the advice of the community on how, if possible to improve on their script.

Go ahead and try to answer one of the questions above on your own to start the makings of a custom script you can use and maybe we can all add to it.
thmbp2; - by Tony_B
I sell money. Money we pay to you or for you just in case you are found legally liable for causing an automobile accident. Can I ask, if you were successfully sued for 50 grand more than you had coverage for, would you pay up using your checking or savings account? - by jdedwa11
Best elevator script I ever came across follwed the format:

You know how . . .

Well what I do is . . .

Which means that . . .

This fits with any industry so I'll let others pick an industry and have a go at filling in the blanks (or post here if you need help)

Once you have one of these elevator scripts at your disposal as Tony B says . . .

It gives you a disciplined power. It's not rocket science but, as with many things, in many fields....most people never bother...so if YOU bother you'll be at the top of the heap. - by helisell
"We help businesses increase their sales and profits by 10 to 100%. As a policy, we work with only one company in every industry. If there's a way I could help your company increase your sales by 25% in the next one year, would it interest you?"

Ganesan. - by ezynes
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