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The Analogy Angle

Hope the title is not too ambiguous................

When setting up a phone interview or appointment, having an aresenal of angles will get you through, where other's fail.......

An angle is a true story that creates enough interest to keep the person on the phone or the attention of your client.........

These angles don't have to be industry specific...........

What angles or analogies do you use? - by PiJiL
I'm not sure if this is what you mean but the Similar Situation story is a priceless angel and a powerful technique that is not only disarming but highly effective in slowing things down and getting many points across. It can help build rapport as well since it is a time where the sales person does a little extra talking. It helps you find common ground and can help open the door to topics that help you relate better to people. You can come across as a regular guy/gal instead of the stereotype expectation they may already have. It's even a great influence technique for sales managers.

I would typically talk about my parents to older folks or my wife or girl friend. Using a lead-in like: That's what my mother says too. It reminds me of when we we're .... (here is where I would relate a personal story to something minor we may have in common to help them feel at ease and allow for relating to common ground info.)

Within these similar situation stories I can bring up topics of past experiences with customers that were similar to what they may be dealing with and then direct the flow of the sale to the meet their needs and expectations.

The power of the similar situation story is in making you a neutral consultant and having the parties in the story do the work of selling or closing or whatever you want.

Just remember that telling is not selling (cliche quote #134) and you need to have them open up to you with your open ended conversational investigating/probing questioning for B2C or get to the point with B2B. So don't get carried away with talking.

Is this something you have done over the phone? - by Tony_B
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