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How to get referrals.......from clients who dont buy

There is real power in transferring credibility through a referral.....

The upside of this is less resistance, fewer objections and more sales..........

How do you ask for a referral from someone who did NOT do business with you?? - by PiJiL
I'm downloading account information right now for enrollments due in 45 minutes, but I wanted to comment on something I tell my son... the value of the referral is in proportion to the value of the account.

I believe this to be true. I haven't thought this out much, but if I get a referral from someone to whom I could not help (he had a preexisting condition, overweight, alcoholic, etc) or improve existing coverage, but he felt that the value of service would have benefited him and or he is coming to me for future purchase, that is one thing; but if I did a bad job on the sale and I bail with a "do you know anyone else whom I could talk to" sorta thing and he lists his (turns out) 5 competitors, worst enemies, motherinlaw... (ok kidding) I don't hold much stock in them at all.

These are much like a qualified or almost qualified lead and require further digging before the call. I doubt I'd ever mention the "referror" other than a passing "is your situation, job, etc.. much like joe referror?"

Aloha.... shds; - by rattus58
Ah yes, birds of a feather flock together, especially when it comes to referrals.

Here's a quickie to interject in a generic situation; (parentheses are options)

As you can see Mr Prospect we’ve developed some great systems to serve you and the people you care about (that you refer to us.)

Since this may not be the right (timing... situation...) for you, who is someone you may know who (is thinking of... has recently mentioned ...) and what is the best way to let them know about my services? - by Tony_B
We are just now starting to mine for referrals, something I haven't been doing for most of my career. This avenue has piqued my interest primarily because of the state of affairs with the economy and here is our approach to referrals.

No business no referral is our basic rule. I've been embarassed once too often when going into a meeting based upon a "referral" from someone who got rid of us for doing a poor job and you say to your prospective.. "Hi Mr. Prospect, John GotRidOfUs suggested that we touch base with you about our ______ or because he thought our ______ program would have been a perfect fit for you.. do you have a minute so we can schedule a time to meet?" Sure Tom, by the way, what did you do for John? I'll leave the vision of the trail of ashes up to your own imaginations.

On the other hand, if we have someone whom we for some reason made solid proposals and couldn't help them maybe because of health reasons etc, we ask them to write us a testimonial based upon the work that we did for them. These go something along the lines of "we (I) was impressed with the level of service and expertise that Tom (and or his son) provided us regarding our financial checkup we recently completed with them(him).

This letter is an endorsement of Tom and his Agency and I recommend that anyone spend the initial 15 minutes that he will ask of you to explain his services.


We are also going to all of our existing clients and asking them to provide us also with letters and we are getting them little by little.

Those that we do place business (this morning I took an app from a well respected bookkeeper) we ask if they'd be kind enough to refer us or in the case of those that do mailings, if they'd enclose our Critical Illness flyer with a note saying, I found this to be important for our family because of the cost of recovery from critical illness. This is beginning to work.

Referrals can help initiate dialog.


Tom :cool: shds; - by rattus58
I will take a shot at this one, because I have had decent success with getting referrals from customers who don't buy from me. The trick is to stand out from the rest of the