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Finding contacts

I am a sales rep in the technology industry. For many years I was a classic "farmer" with a limited number of large accounts. After a while I got to know a lot of people at each account. Currently, I am in a classic "hunter" role. My challenge is to find the right people in an organization, particularly companies where we are not doing any business. I am looking for middle managers and directors in the application support or network area. I would appreciate any help finding an efficient, effective way to call into these companies to find the right contacts. Once I know who to call, I have a pretty good cold call value proposition which I deliver. It's getting the name, phone number and email address of the right people to begin with that is the challenge. Thanks!!! - by degiulio
There is an excellent tool for this called jigsaw.com. You can earn points by uploading contact information, getting others to join or you can purchase points. You can sort by industry, company size, contact types, location etc.

Check it out you won't regret it, I have used extensively and love it!! - by Kathy Hokunson
Thanks very much Kathy! - by degiulio

I use two services/websites for list generation:

1. Hoover's - this site will allow you to enter criteria in a number of categories and will then generate a list of contacts for you.

2. LinkedIn - If you learn how to use the site and network, not only can you find the names of people you should reach out to, but you can also request introductions from your own network so you're making less of a cold call (introductions are always helpful).

Finally, if there are specific companies you want to target but don't know the right contact, you can always try picking up the phone and speaking with whoever answers! Tell them you need their help and see if they can provide you a name (at least) and contact information.

Good luck!
Stephen - by sfrenkel
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