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Besides the basics what else is needed?

Everyone knows the basic steps that we should follow to help with the sales. But besides the steps, and the process, what key personality traits do you believe is important to be a successful sales person?

I kinda touched based on this in a previous post, just curious as to what others may think.

I believe first and foremost, that one must have desire (hunger, ambition whatever you may call it). Sales is long hours, and I honestly believe if you don't have the desire/hunger/ambition to do it correctly, you will not be making near the money you should. Why work longer hours and still make minimum wage? Sales will make you alot of money, if you have the desire to do it. Give you a prime example here at my dealership, the average sales consultant grosses 30,000 yearly, which is decent. But they don't have the drive and honestly if you took into account the hours they put in, figuring working 50 weeks a year, 6 days a week, 10 hours a day, they are only averaging 10.00 dollars an hour. That's if you don't try to figure what they would be making if they got paid overtime. If they were hourly at 40 hours a week, with 20 hours overtime, it comes out just to be over $8.00 an hour. You can work a 9-5 job to get that. Last year I grossed almost double that, and for one simple reason. I wanted it more. I won't say I know more about the product than they do, I won't say I know more about selling than they do, but I will tell you I had more drive than them.

Besides ambition/drive/hunger, what other basic personality traits do you see needed to be successful in sales?shds; - by jrboyd
Ambition/drive/hunger do not jump out at me as an answer to your question, which I thought about because I want to answer honestly and meaningfully.

The absolutely most successful people I have ever known, many of them in sales, all seem to have two critical things in common. One is that they are not prone to accept "what the world hands out." The other is that they have a primary and completely uncompromising internal directive to serve something they value above all else. Not surprising then is that most of them have an immense patriarchal or matriarchal presence. - by Ace Coldiron
personality traits. Sales is no different than any other business. Sales is no different than any other dream, any other drive to succeed. Some will work at it harder than others. Some look at sales as a means to an end, others as a means to perfect and satisfy a personal ambition.

Aloha... Tom :cool: shds; - by rattus58
I can only answer for myself and I am not sure if I am typical; this is what I have needed to be successful. I cannot settle for number two. If I am anything less than number one I will strive until I am, number one. I need to know that I believe in what I am doing. I have a learned ability to listen, empathize and reward. I have a learned ability to be open, honest, trusting and trustworthy in a sales transaction I am in charge of. I love the art of sales! I love the business relationships I have developed and nurtured. Sales is a gift and I am the recipient. - by MPrince
I could write a book with what it takes to become a complete sales professional I like the term sales technician. There are so many attributes that goes into the making of a complete sales technician. Drive, amobition ,goals,listening capabilities and hearing what is stated, knowing what to say and how to react , respond.
Personality?What peesonality can sell? Introrvert extrovert. I have seen effective sales people who fit into both.
The ability to read people,start conversations easily ,empathy,no fear,relentless,persistence,ethical,honesty,commun ication skills, want to , the ability to accept to learn. These are a few of my favorite things that help with my baility to make the sale. - by rich34232
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