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Reverse Referral - Try It!

I recently picked up a tip that I like, and as soon as I put it in practice I got a warm response, so I'm sticking to it.

We're all looking for referrals, but even when you get one you are still calling on someone who doesn't know you and immediately suspects you want something from them. (Heck, more often than not we say "Hi, Joe SoandSo does business with me and suggested I call YOU. So....let me tell you why you should do business with me!")

Instead, I am now in the practice of GIVING referrals...building by reputation with hopes that these people I reach out to will come back around, think of me as "Good People", and offer to do business with me.

Let me share a specific example:
I am in the business of providing labor and facility management. For the National Retail Chains we provide plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. For manufacturers we make our contractors available so they can offer 'installation' as a value added option.

So I'm partnering with a digital signage company on a project, and at the same time I'm hoping to partner with a company that make modular electrical outlets. I've made a good presentation to the outlet firm, but they haven't completely comitted yet.

It occured to me, as we're installing the digital signage, that all of the site's outlets are taken up and the use of extension chords and outlet trains is going to look tacky.

So I call the outlet firm, and I mention that they might want to call on the end user because they seem to be a great candidate.
He's very grateful, and plans to call on them. I tell him 'great! Say..if anything comes of it, allow me to quote the installation!"

Now, a few positive things have happened.
1) I can call him back to ask how me made out with the lead, instead of calling back just to ask for his business
2) The next time I Call him, he;ll take my call..he's hoping I have another lead for him! (And I hope to, also!)
3) I've GIVEN him an opportunity for us to do business instead of ASKED for an opportunity.

Stop asking for people's trust and instead GIVE them a reason to trust you... - by Defmall
Hmmmmm.... I'll bet you lunch at Cafe Pesto that you have been doing this your whole life. I think all you're doing is being the opportunist you should have been the rest of your life, and if I had to say anything about it, Congratulations and thank you for pointing out another avenue that many may have forgotten for referrals. thmbp2;

Much Aloha... :cool: shds; - by rattus58
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