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Need advice on Entering Telecom/IT sales

Hey guys,

I'm a current marketing student who's really interested in entering the sales aspect of the Telecom industry, particularly the B2B side and would love to learn from some of the community's sales pros in Telecom or even IT networking.

My big question is how technically prepared do we need to be? I have been thinking of getting some certificates for technologies such as Cisco to better market myself for an entry level position. What do you guys think? I would also love learn about your experiences in the industry such as day to day operations, types of businesses dealt with and your company's position in the supply chain. Any help would be cherished and I look forward to making some friends! Thanks! - by Vollow
I am in Telecom Sales and as important as it is to know your product, I think you will be better off to have a broad knowledge of certain systems. I would not stick a specific product because you will begin to find that you are limited in your job selections. If you have a generalized knowledge of Technology, ie..Phone systems and networking products you will do fine. Sales is Sales! If you love it then your heart is in it and it doesn't matter what you are selling. Have a pas ion for it and you will do well. In this Industry, you learn that change is inevitable and once you learn something ...it will be different tomorrow :). - by Phonegirl
Great post Phonegirl...it is good to have you on the forum. - by MPrince
Thanks MPrince for showing me this website. great info all over. Lot's to see. - by Phonegirl
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