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Are you using any online social networks to market your business?

Are you using any online social networks to market your business and if you are which one are you using and how are you making the most of it? - by Community Mailbox
No. I'm not even sure what exactly your asking, unless you're talking about sites geared towards things like boating, flying, shooting, archery, etc. In those, probably like here, you either sponsor the site or you get business from word of mouth.

I sold archery equipment and certain firearms through participation and was one manufacturers only online seller and ultimately towards the end most productive dealer. However, that was all word of mouth.

Aloha... shds; - by rattus58
I use several but more to be a part of the sales community than to market my product. Such as Linkedin, Facebook, Plaxo, etc. I am working on twitter. I am attending a seminar that will teach the proper way to use these online avenues. - by MPrince
I find the power of social networking to lie in connecting with those you meet in your day to day life. For example, when I go out an network, I invite everyone I meet to connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook. That way, I can get to know more about them and who they know, and they can do the same for me. Further, I can share good things about them via posts and recommendations which they often do in return for me.

It is amazing how your network will grow and how many more people you can meet with little or no effort.

And it is not really who you know, but who knows you. And the more people that know you, the better your chances of finding more buyers of your products and services. - by jdedwa11
Changed my mind. - by D.M055
I think you almost have to do this in todays world. You would never be able to reach those customers without these websites. - by Thufir
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