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Job Title: Sales Technician

What is a "sales technician"? Is that another way of saying "sales associate"? - by Community Mailbox
Walmart has "sales associates". I think sears and others do too. AFLAC has Associates, so that means that I are one too. I've never ever heard the term sales technician that I can recollect.

I just considered the term (associates) to mean that you are a member of a family of sales and or or others (could be technicians even) in your organization..

Aloha... Tom :cool: shds; - by rattus58
I don't think I've heard the term before. It doesn't appeal to me. - by Ace Coldiron
Me neither.... :)

Aloha ... Tom :cool: shds; - by rattus58
I have heard sales professionals called many names - company representatives, sales representatives, promotion men, idea men, problem solvers, business consultants and merchandise advisers but never sales technician. - by Johnny Fairplay
A Sales Technician is someone who sales automotive products, or building products, computer products or anything that would be technical. This type of sales require that you have technical knowledge in the product or service you are offering. That is my opinion. - by MPrince
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