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How do you look at yourself as a Sales Professional

I'm in worksite marketing. I'm not anywhere near as sophisticated as probably anyone else on these forums. There are a lot of terms I don't understand, I had to actually google B2B to discover this meant Business to Business, and I'm still wrestling with C-level manager. I know... you're getting a picture of me in a plaid shirt and coveralls, but in the scheme of sales professional I'm wondering what IS the measure of us being professional.

I dress with a tie, slacks, and polished shoes. I wear an AFLAC tie and pin it with an AFLAC pin converted to a tie-tac. A brand.

I use both a white board and power-point to present to my worksite. I use powerpoint to also provide "seminar" presentations to groups like Dentists and other Professionals. I do this mainly to keep me on track with my own thoughts, since I don't think quickly on my feet.... sitting down or asleep is also alleged.

I've read every sales book I could get my hands on with reasonable effort, and have spent thousands on Hopkins, Tracy, hundreds on Ziglar, Bettger, Carnegie,Stone, Action Selling, Girard, Savage,... and some I can't remember even... Feldman... the point being, what have they all done for me towards moulding me into a professional?

I've reduced (this is for my benefit) my professionalism to essentially being prepared. Know what I'm doing with each call. Having the right materials with me and being able to keep the flow going. Do It Now!... Picked that up from some of the above..

I've gone to school. I'm not college, I'm the American College.. took me 20 years from start to finish.. so I've got letters after my name, but 20 years... what have I proven? Even if I had received these designations 20 years ago am I still professional today? Herb True once said to the effect that a Rookie is someone who has stopped doing what he once was doing that made him a professional.

What makes us Professional? Is it conduct? Is it attitude? Is it preparation? What about education? (We are required continuous product and conduct re-education some call it.. :) ) Is it all of the above?

I'm here to learn. I'm here for an education. I've already absorbed tons of useful information. My only gripe is that it doesn't come fast enough. I love sales, I love sales people. I love the debate... and the debait. I love criticism for it gives me new ideas that because of my market, I can try out every day.

Am I a professional... or am I just a peddler? Is it so bad, on the other hand, just being a peddler? If we are just peddlers, can we be professional at it?

This came up, by the way, by someone referencing us (worksite marketers) as peddlers, something I call myself frequently... but it got me thinking about this...

So please, give it a go. I've learnt a tremendous lot from you all so far, so I'd love to have it keep rollin on.... thmbp2;

Aloha.... Tom shds; - by rattus58
Honestly I dont even waste time thinking if I'm a sales proffessional. To be honest, I haven't spent years behind books studying sales. I learned the most important aspects of sales being a street peddlar, going door to door, selling disney books and fish umbrellas. Just recently I have started studying the books, and NLP and such, but in actuallity, all it did was re-enforce what I had already known from the streets.

This isn't me being concided or stuck up, but this is honestly the truth. People that buy a car from me, actually have fun, and enjoy the process, because I make it that way. I am probably one of the goofiest car sales people you will meet, but you know what it works for me. For the month of April I have already sold 2 cars, Grossing over 13k front end profit for the dealership and over 2,000 dollars for myself.

Honestly call me what you will, peddlar, proffesional, goof, it really dont matter, because its just a name. What matters, is a) I know how to sale, and b) I can apply that knowledge to sale. Oh yeah, and me making lots of money doesnt hurt to much either :) - by jrboyd