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The differences in selling tangibles and intangibles

How do the selling methods for tangibles differ from those used in selling intangibles? - by Yankee Peddler
I don't believe there's much difference between selling intangibles and tangibles, except that you can often include the prospects' senses in the selling interaction with tangibles.

Having said that, I advocate using a surrogate tangible "thing" in the selling of intangibles. This "thing" can act as a physical representative of an intangible service. The surrogate could be a video, an audio presentation, something to hold and touch, etc. In this way, a salesperson can still involve the prospects senses to create connection between the prospect and the product.

I wrote a blog post about this about one week ago; I won't include the link here because of moderation, but it's an interesting concept (at least to me!) I've been working with for about ten years.

Skip - by Skip Anderson
I think too many salespeople place too much emphasis on 'intangible' vs. 'tangible'. The real key is to focus on what your cusotmer or prospect needs and wants and help them find a solution. You don't NEED to put something tangible in a prospect's hands in order for them to buy. You simply need to give them a compelling reason. - by Kelley Robertson
Selling anything tangible or intangible should not be any different. However, some tangible or intangible things may be easier to sell. - by Polysquared
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