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Factors for qualifying prospects

What are the basic factors for qualifying prospects? - by Yankee Peddler
Basic qualifying factors? Here is an acronym to remember, BCMAN: BC (Buying Criteria) M (Money) A (Authority) N (Need) - by Vito
I qualify prospects for product sales and for business partners aka independent distributors. Either way there has to be agreement between us regarding what I offer meeting their wants and willingness to do what I say as we work together toward their success and mine.

Product Factors include: willingness to pay the price for the product and agree to a follow-up process; agreement as to the time frame it takes to achieve the desired outcome.

Business Factors include: indication that our system will be followed; that I believe I can work with the person and visa versa; that there is a plan of action agreed upon to execute.

Other factors have to do with my instinct and accumulative experience judging the prospect's ability to meet my conditions of satisfaction and the prospects ability to understand his/hers meeting the same expectations.

Of course nothing is 100% accurate as we all know.

The best of success to everyone.

MitchM - by MitchM
Basic qualifying factors? Here is an acronym to remember, BCMAN: BC (Buying Criteria) M (Money) A (Authority) N (Need)
A little too simplistic ... for example, it omits "Do we have a good solution to the need?" ... and "Do we know the decision process ?" "Do we have access to all the buyers ?" etc .. - by TonyB
I would add to be clear about who your target customer is and make sure they qualify. For some businesses it is almost any business for others it is more specialized. The toughest part about being specialized is turning away an almost qualified prospect, but once you get used to it you see the value.

Criteria to consider could be:
private or public
specific problems they need to admit
credit worthiness
number of proposals they are entertaining
Other vendors they use
etc. etc.

If you have your best suited customer well defined and there are enough for you to stay busy working, it is the first step prior to other recommendations listed in other answers.

Have fun.

Rene - by Sales Manager Now
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