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Personal Selling Skills

In your opinion what are the top ten personal selling skills? - by Community Mailbox
Listening skills
Conversation skills
Leadership skills
Analytical skills
People skills
Emotional Understanding
Phone skills
Organizational skills
Networking skills - by ToddR
These come to mind:
Preparation skills
Creative listening skills
Strategic skills
Communication skills
Focusing skills
Learning skills
Questioning skills
Social skills
Time management skills
Presentation skills
- by Gary A Boye
Listening skills
Prospecting skills
Rapport building skills
Relationship building skills
Problem solving skills
Creative skills
Planning skills
Prioritising skills
Goal setting and goal achievement skills
Learning skills

Not necessarily in that order... - by Tony Dunne
Human Relation
State Control
Negotiation Skills
Personal Packaging
Presentation Skills
Professional Persistence
Reading People - by MrCharisma
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