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Enthusiasm and Selling

Why is enthusiasm an important quality for selling? - by Yankee Peddler
Let's look at two scenarios:

#1. A salesperson walk into a prospect's office. He plops himself down and says, "My day has been brutal so far. No one has bought anything. Everyone wants to delay their decision. The economy really sucks."

#2. The second salesperson strides confidently into her prospect's office and sits down. After asking a series of high-quality questions she says in an energetic voice, "Mr. Prospect, my company has the perfect solution. Let me show you why..."

Some of this relates to attitude but a person's attitude and enthusiams for their product, service or solution makes a HUGE difference.

I can recall specific circumstances when my enthusiasm has been lower than usual and I have noticed a distinct difference in how my customers and prospects respond to me. - by Kelley Robertson
Attitude is everything! If you have the belief in your product then other will begin to share the same enthusiasm that you have. When you call on a customer, you shouldn't feel that you are wasting his/her time. You should feel that even thought this person is extremely busy...you are coming with a product/solution that just can't wait and you feel good for being there. They key to enthusiasm is knowing your product and knowing a little about your customer before you walk in. Educate your self. The Internet is a powerful thing. The more you know....the more impressed and excited your prospect will get. :) - by Phonegirl
I've had a manager try to squash my enthusiasm. What a joke, Im happy and excited about my product. why not show it off... my $.02 - by OneLead Guy
Natural enthusiasm is the key.

Very often when i train sales teams in live calling it is absolutely clear within the first ten minutes who will be the most successful during the day. Their enthusiasm towards the task is correlated to the the results they get.

On the other hand there is nothing likely to put some one off you quicker than fake enthusiasm.

I received a number of calls from a Tony Robbins sales represeantative a while back that put me off instantly. Im in the Uk and the caller had a broad Northern England accent.

I had a mental picture of him as being around 24, small build and of asian decent. The problem was his voice and mannerisms were trying to be Tony Robbins. He wasn't.

The fake enthusiasm and un-natural nature of the approach put me right off. - by peter-odonoghue
Enthusiasm and passion.

Richard Simmons the exercise guru of the 70’s and 80’s had too much and it turned off a lot of people, it also held some in a trance that made him a success and a household name.

Sometimes I get so excited and my passion can be seen by my clients. They see it in my body language, my eyes and from my words. At times they can see the hair on my arms standup and this convinces them that I am standing behind my words and actions and they know what I am saying is correct. I know it is from my belief system with what I do and the products that I have to offer them. I know my solution is correct and will cure what ails them 100% of the time.

This does not mean human error never rears its ugly head but the solution is still correct. Product defects occur and a mistake in installation can occur we are human after all.

I would rather show passion than indifference and I would rather deal with a sales professional that has passion over indifference. - by rich34232
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