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Using assurances in your selling process

How would you use assurances in your selling process? - by Yankee Peddler
Help me understand what you mean. Can you put it into context for me? - by DaveB
Taken from our last proposal....

"Implementing change! Whether a Benefit, installing a new software system, or investing in a fleet of vehicles, these corporate decisions require that we have an understanding of how we are going to do it, and what departments or individuals will be experiencing adjustment.

Adopting additional Benefit offerings for your employees will generally impact your Human Resources Department the most, but all departments will be affected to some degree by enrollment.

In order that a decision to adopt any of our offerings is carried out with minimal impact, once the decision to move forward is made, we will assemble all documents necessary for signature and implementation.

We will work with your Human Resources and payroll departments in order that the manner in which they wish us to provide data is as closely aligned with your current practice as possible. In that regard, all of our companies represented by these offerings are leaders in the field of employee benefits.

These Offerings that we’ve made are preliminary only. We are prepared, once the decision to move forward is made, to make changes to better suit The Center if necessary and that might be, for example, to have just one vendor instead of two or three represented at initial adoption. If that be the case, companies like Txxxxx can offer a full array of benefits on a group platform including Long Term Care.

Comapany A has all of the products we need for this as well, but Long Term Care is sold on an individual basis. Aflac no longer offers Long Term Care. What we have offered here, though piecemeal, is the best of the best for the products being considered." - by rattus58
Question for Tom. Did you write those words in the proposal, or are they company "stock"?

Very interested to know. - by Gary A Boye
Question for Tom. Did you write those words in the proposal, or are they company "stock"?

Very interested to know.
I wrote these words into my proposal. It took me an entire weekend to do it and it is actually the first "written" page of my proposal before going into employee benefits.

The second page of the proposal says this..

The Value of Employee Benefits to the Employer

The Center currently provides the mandated array of State Mandated Benefits, Major Medical, Temporary Disability Insurance, Workers Compensation, and a newly adopted 401k Salary Reduction Retirement Option for your employees.

The value of employee benefits to the employer is that it lets the employee know you respect them and are considerate of their welfare. This consideration has the effect of creating an atmosphere of belonging and loyalty with existing employees.

Employee Benefit offerings are also helpful if not instrumental in attracting quality talent to your organization. With increasing strain on compensation, employment packages that offer additional benefits for the prospective staff member encourage them to join the organization.

Good, Bad?

Aloha... Tom :cool: - by rattus58
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