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A prospect's personality - what a salesman should know

What should a salesman know about a prospect's personality? - by Yankee Peddler
If you know a prospect's dominant personality type you can adapt your approach so it more closely matches that particular style. There are four key personality styles:

Driver: results oriented
Influencer: relationship oriented
Supportive: team oriented
Compliant: policy/information oriented

While there is a lot to each of these personality styles you can achieve much better results by focusing your attention on what's important to each type. So, for example:

If you are dealing with a Driver, you want to focus on what results THEY will achieve and how your product or service will help them achieve THEIR goals. The key is being able to recognize each individual style.

I wrote an article about this several years ago. If you (or anyone reading this post) wants a copy of it please email me directly (kelley@fearless-selling.ca) and I will send it to you--no strings attached. I can't direct you to my blog article because I will be chastized for self-promotion.

I trust this helps. - by Kelley Robertson
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