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Obstacles - Decision Makers

Hi all..

I was wondering if anyone has any good ideas/suggestions as to how to overcome one of the main obstacle critical in closing sales, that is to meet with the right people, & influence the decision makers.

Many a times, we meet with the users/middle management and do our presentation. After that, we face difficulty to meet/make contact with the actual decision makers as the users may not be keen or just not bothered to share our product with their top management.

One way I would do it is to suggest a meeting with them & their top management together for a presentation. That way, I have the EBI's & TBI's in the room all at once. Obviously, I would like to find ways to involve all of them without offending others.

Any other suggestions or past experiences would be welcomed. - by clementkoh
Easiest way is to ask.

"Now Mr. Customer, when is a good time to have all the decision makers present, so I can go over the different options available that you may find benificial?" - by jrboyd
Obviously, I would like to find ways to involve all of them without offending others.
Gaining acceptance from an ultimate non-decisionmaker can be a step towards a sale. The key to moving forward is simple and twofold.

First, allow the person to acknowledge that he/she would like to see the purchase take place. Reinforce that desire with summarizing the reasons that come out of the person's mouth--not yours. Then JOIN that person in a TEAM effort to move forward by getting in front of the real decisionmaker. That is how these things are done.

There are very few sales initiatives that I have ever witnessed that had me in awe. I saw someone do that once with such impact that it knocked my socks off.

He did it while I was waiting nearby to take delivery of a new car I had bought from him. Truly one of the most brilliant salespeople I have ever known. - by Ace Coldiron
All of the above are great suggestions.

Another thing to remember is that your goal when setting up the appointment should be to get in front of all the decision makers at the first appointment.

So when your setting the appointment, ask if any one else will be involved in making the final decision.Then attempt to set the meeting with every one involved right from the start. - by Jim Klein
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