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I'm old fashioned enough that I never liked the term "pitch" or "canned pitch". I AM a believer in preparedness, and "prepared presentation" does not mean the same thing as "canned" presentation. I DO believe that we have to have prepared segments of conversation at our disposal.

What do members here do with regard to preparing presentations or conversational statements? - by Ace Coldiron
"What do members here do with regard to preparing presentations or conversational statements?"

Hi Ace,

This is actually something I have to do. I write out questions or areas that I want to cover with a client before each meeting. I write down notes in a spiral binder that I take to each meeting so that I don't lose anything.

In my worksite, I use a prepared outline for EVERY group meeting. When I see people one on one, I use a powerpoint I developed that follows my prepared outline only with better pictures than what I do on a whiteboard.

Outside of the worksite I use a flip chart/computer that basically confirms family data, assets and liabilities and goals or objectives and concerns. Our recommendations restate the objectives or concerns that we are attempting to satisfay or alleviate and the product we've more or less come to agree will do the job in previous meetings.

We try to have three options available in every final presentation for the sake of the client and his pocketbook. Go with the Gold, try to have a bronze and silver available if possible/feasible.

Being Prepared...

Have all your materials you need for each meeting available with you. Don't have to "find an answer or document" unless it is something that comes up from the outfield. Why? Because you might walk into a meeting where the guy says, OK.. I need a million dollars according to my wife, can you take care of it for me today?.... You better be able to say Yessir... Right here.

Have you heard these following words? "I don't like to see people make a poor purchase---even if they buy from me. I wear that on my sleeve, and I think it helps in the trust and respect departments." This is why I think preparation is very important....


Tom shds; ;bg - by rattus58
Have you heard these following words? "I don't like to see people make a poor purchase---even if they buy from me. I wear that on my sleeve, and I think it helps in the trust and respect departments." This is why I think preparation is very important....
Yes..I think I have heard those profound words before.....hmmm...was it Marcus Aurelius...Einstein....Heisenberg....Little Richard...? I'm sure it will come to me.

Great instructive post, Tom. IMNSHO. - by Ace Coldiron
Hi Ace,

I have found that in each specific sales industry there are a finite amount of objections and scenarios that come up, for the most part. Therefore I have found than when people consciously drill, practice and rehearse the different scenarios and steps to the sale with exacting precision or prepared scripts with minimal deviation in their execution, they become far more effective that the average people in their company. I have also found they get there much quicker or they end up working at a slower more relaxed and calculated pace.

I have personally found that when you first start using an effective script whether your own or someone else's, it is difficult and might seem awkward. After a while the words become automatic like an instinctive reflex. However, I have also noticed that after you work in the reflex stage for a while you start to improvise more, whether out of ease and boredom or refinement and adaptation. Either way you are more successful than the average person by following and mastering the successful steps that others have walked before you. Besides, as I have said before, rhetorically speaking; We are all using scripts at one point or another during the process. What are your's worth, lately?" - by Tony_B
I am prepared for each call from the Cold Call to the first Appointment to the Presentation to the Close. With the cold call I use a script that I have perfected over the years to fit my personality. Then, the first appointment I have a list of fact finding questions I need to know to be able to put a proposal together to push the clients hot buttons. The presentation I will put on power point (hard copy) so I can leave it with the client. I make myself a copy and go over it page by page with the client. In my business you almost never close on this call (for several different reason)so I have a script for the close appointment. I may have several more appointments even after the close call. I don't need a script for these calls. They are for commercial/creative ideas and commercial shoots, etc. However, I do need to have ideas on the way I think their commercial message should look. At this point I have to know enough about what the client wants to accomplish with their advertising dollars that I have some creative ideas to share. - by MPrince
I am a firm believer in scripting out your process. Often times others assume a scripted response is word for word and sounds robotically. I want scripts learned and worked to correspond to your vocabulary and comfort level. Where it is a natural progression with your communication creating a script that fits your personality and flows within the conversation with others.

I am also one who accepts as true that you must be prepared by trying to figure out what the client will ask or demand of you. I keep a journal that includes everything I have done with every sales call I have been involved with for the past fifteen years. In this journal I have the questions asked and my responses. I have what I could have done better with my failed sales calls. There are questions that my client has asked me that I fumbled with and could not come up with an answer or reply. This journal allows me to define my process better by eliminating concerns or questions I have heard from a multiple of clients and include these with my presentation to bypass unwanted objections.

Every night I come home and transfer these items onto the computer and I work on how I could have answered them better. This allows me to grow and learn how better to respond to my clients. When I have a client who I must deal with concerning buyer’s remorse I write down every question they may ask of me and am ready to respond to the client in a way that allows them to understand and appreciate the way we do business.

I want to be prepared at all times to answer any question, concern and provide the best possible solution. Fail to plan, plan to fail comes to mind. - by rich34232
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