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I MUST keep new telesales job, general advice needed

22 year old British male here, completely new to sales of all kinds.

I've just spent four days at a new full-time job, three days being training and just one on the phones all day. This job is tuff and I have yet to make my first sale but need to start getting six a day average pretty quick. I have three days off now but am starting to panic more than a little. There are very few other jobs in my area and I need work to pay the bills and get myself out of debt!

So here's some details of the job- in Britain we have five major electric and gas suppliers and I my job is to switch as many people as people as possible over from their current supplier to our one which tends to be the cheapest because we don't advertise. Its not at all a bad product, but we are asking people to sign into it over the phone and trying to prise their bank details out of them! From what I have gathered, the top sellers don't sound like they're selling- they sound like they are advising. They keep the potential customer engaged by talking just as they would a friend and making plenty of jokes but whilst being very confident and leading the conversation. Although what they are saying is pretty much the same each call they do not sound like they are reading from a script.

So I understand vaguely how I've got to become to keep my job, but what I'm asking is how do get from here to there? At the moment, the more I try to relax, talk natural, and put my personality into it, the more I sound nervous, fake and mechanical! If only I could get good at this job, it wouldn't be so mind destroyingly dull either as the skilled sellers have longer, more interesting conversations and rewards for each sale. Plus, although I myself usually hate being cold called, I wouldn't actually mind being called from one of the top sellers at this place, because they just know how to make who they're calling feel relaxed and happy some how. If I could acquire this skill I would stop feeling like such an irritating arse.

Any relevant tips?
Thanks in advance msnwnk; - by DarkTrousers
Any relevant tips?
Thanks in advance msnwnk;
First, always treat new contacts in a respectful manner. That would include entering a forum like this. Your prospects don't use moderators to delete distasteful remarks.

I'm dead serious about that. The only clues to your communication skills are what you offer here. Anything else would be merely guesswork on the forum members' part.

You can get help here by telling members what you are currently saying to prospects over the phone. That could prompt some good sales advice. - by Ace Coldiron
First of all, congratulations on your new job!! I am also very new to sales. I started working at an inboud call center just short of three months ago. The company I work for sells Dish Network satellite service. Luckily, my customers call me, but from what I gather, you're having the same issues I did my first couple of weeks on the phones. I completely understand what you mean when you say that you want to put your personality into the presentation. This was one of the most difficult things for me as well. The advice that I have for you is to study study study your product and the process of the sale. Once you get those things down (yes, it does take practice!) the conversations you have will begin to flow more smoothly. You'll be confident and comfortable enough to build rapport with those prospects. Another important tip is to stay positive. You will have challenging days, but just remember that positive thoughts produce positive results! There is plenty of good information on this site!! Use it as much as you can, take in as much as you can!! You're going to do fine! I believe in you!! - by natalie_rene014
I agree with Natalie! But you have got to be patient with yourself. Product knowledge is vital along with a positive attitude. It sounded from your post that you felt you have a good product. If this is the case, you must believe (in my opinion) you are doing your prospects a service by what you have to offer. Product knowledge, belief in yourself and your product is a winning combination. Listen to the others you spoke of and glean all you can from them. Then take what you hear and make it fit your personality. Talk to these people (prospects) the same way you would if they were your friends. Be confident, honest (honesty is a must) and, smile. They will know you have their best interest at heart!

Again Natalie has some great advice.

Warmest Regards - by MPrince
1. Let go of the outcome. Remember, so will, some won't, so what... next.

2. Reframe your thoughts. Remember, the call is about how you can keep more money in the prospects pocket all while keeping their home warm and comfortable. You are calling to offer them the opportunity to do that.

3. Work toward what you want, rather than what you don't want. That is, focus on building great rapport and trust that will lead to sales vs worrying about losing your job. Remember, what you think about becomes reality.

4. Develop a solid call opening script that creates an atmosphere of trust and what is in it for them. My opening script would probably go like:

Hello. Hi my name is Jerry with cheap energy group. I am calling for Bill or Jane. This is Jane. Hi Jane. Forgive me for calling out of the blue like this. I am calling to find out if you would be open to talking about lowering your energy bill. Is now a good time to talk for a few minutes?

5. Develop an effective Voice Mail message that gets people to call you back. Mine would probably go like:

Hi Bill and Jane, this is Jerry from cheap energy group. I am calling about your energy bill. It is important you call me back when you can. I can be reached at [enter your number here]. Talk to you soon.

Voicemail 2 would go like:

Hi Bill and Jane, this is Jerry from cheap energy group. I called a day or two ago about your energy bill and was hoping to hear back from you. It is important you call me back when you again. I can be reached at [enter phone number here]. Thank you.

6. Focus on talking with people and sharing a money saving idea with them. The more people you get to talk with, the more sales you will make. And the more you sell the longer you will be employed.

Hope that helps in some way. - by jdedwa11
Thank you Mprince. I appreciate the pat on the back (I can never get enough of those!) :-) You sparked a thought of mine when you said "Talk to these people (prospects) the same way you would if they were your friends." (sorry, i'm not sure how to only quote part of a message!)
Here's what I like to do:
Picture yourself in their kitchen, sitting at the table telling them the benefits of your product/service (not sure what you'd call that :-))
Before I even talk about television service, I ask them how their day is going, how are they enjoying the weather, anything to build that rapport! A thing I've started recently is calling them 'my friend.' It lets them know that you're not trying to sell them, you're here to help them!
Like Mprince said, just be honest. At my compnay, they tell us that our definition of a sale is finding the deal that is best for the caller.
Here is another thing I would reccommend you do on your few days off! Write out word for word exactly how your ideal presentation would go, not taking into account any objections for now. I'm sure you were given a script. Use that as your outline, but add to it!
As you experience more and more calls, you'll experience more and more objections and questions that may come about. Find the right place to add those things into your presentation.
I'm at the point where my callers rarely have to ask questions. I go through EVERYTHING with them. And I've learned to word things so that they sound appealing instead of scary (when it comes to explaining our Terms and Conditions, callers tend to get defensive right away!)
But anyway, I feel like I'm just spurting out random bits of information. But I'm just telling you- I know how you feel (overwhelmed, etc.) but I promise you that as long as you keep studying, listening and practicing, it will come to you in no time and I promise you'll be successful!! Just keep telling yourself how AWESOME you are :-) - by natalie_rene014
Can you give us an idea on what the general call sounds like? Maybe if we tweaked your script some it will help. I use to do the same type of sales as you so let me know if you need anything - by jrboyd
Take a Deep Breath! You just started and all ready you are in a panic. No matter what you are selling or how you are selling it, it is all about the belief in your product. If you do not believe in the product you are selling and are looking only for a paycheck then you will not do well. An attitude adjustment is in order. Attitude is key! You must truly believe that you are interrupting this potential customers day with a good opportunity and help them to understand why you are here to help them. If you are embarrassed to call on them or go in with the attitude that you are nervous and need to keep your job...IT READS ALL OVER YOU! They know!!! Have fun with it! Enjoy what you are doing and quit putting so much pressure on yourself. Relax! - by Phonegirl
thanks everyone for your kind advice!

I have survived my first week and Phonegirl, your message is exactly what I needed to hear. At first I thought to relax and enjoy my job was a secondary luxury, but now I realise it is a prerequisite! So far I have made six sales and each came when I least expected them. The more I try, the more desperate I seem, the more suspicious people are of my product.

Ace Coldiron, I shall never forget your words of wisdom in all walks of life I encounter. - by DarkTrousers
Hi Dark Trousers

Are you with Utility Warehouse?
You say in your profile that you're in telecoms, so do you offer this as well as energy. maybe there are other parts of your product offering that will appeal to customers, initially on your phone call! - by marky
Ace Coldiron, I shall never forget your words of wisdom in all walks of life I encounter.

You see Ace...I am not the only one that appreciates your wisdom. - by MPrince
My advice:

Make a bunch of calls and chill! After you've made 100 or 200 or 300 calls, then you can start to fine-tune your sales methodology. If you're like me, it takes you a while to learn. Give yourself some time, and get used to the calling. Dial, dial, dial. Once you get over the initial anxiety, your brain will be ready for assessment. Make that assessment (perhaps with the help of a mentor or coach), and then keep moving forward from there.

Get comfortable first!

Skip - by Skip Anderson
I love to cold call, but I don't have photographic memory, so I have to use such things like scripts. I write down every call. I write down what happened with every call and at that point start doing my pattern for the day... that is how am I doing and why.

Some days I've a hard time getting with it, and after four or five calls realize that my timing, my "smile" or my ability to "react" is slow and so after re-evaluating my performance re-write my script maybe or focus on certain aspects of my evaluation and keep on calling.

I've never not had a good call calling. I've just had bad starts.

My advise is to tape your calls, write down what you do, and keep on calling.

Aloha... :cool: shds; - by rattus58
Glad to hear that you are doing well Dark Trousers! Keep at it! The more you do it, the more natural it becomes. Keep your chin up and the sales will continue to flow! :) - by Phonegirl
Dark Trousers,

We can make suggestions to you all we want, some question for you "What kind of training did the company give you?" "What are the top salespeople saying to their customers?". Your comfort level will improve as your own confidence and product knowledge improves, but often there are things that companies insist on or that have been proven to already be successful in their world. That would be a place to start and then tweak from there. - by Paulette Halpern
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