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What is your motivation direction?

Some of us are motivated by what we want (i.e. success), others are motivated by what we don't want (i.e. being fired), and some by a little bit of both.

Think back to a time where you took massive action to reach a goal or obtain a desired result. What triggered your motivation?

Were you "moving toward" something you wanted? "Moving away" away from something you didn't want? Or maybe a combination of both? - by jdedwa11
First post at this forum!

I'm moving towards a few shifting mindsets, first was the desire to make a lot of money, second came making enough money to stay afloat, third was persuasion and realise people actually listen to me when I speak now! Now my persuasion is how to use this to my advantage!

I guess the message is now I strive for a desire to gain, not a fear of loss. My goal in the next 4 months is $200k, will I reach it? I better do it, I have a 15 thousand dollar bet with the Heart & Stroke foundation if I don't, if I do, I have 200k for myself :D

Another thing I might as well mention is, I push forward very hard when it comes to goals, that's what had me quit smoking a month ago, cravings? push through, apply to sales accordingly :) - by DrPattyCakes
Not sure I completely understand your question as it relates to a life goal as opposed to individual goals, but I think personally that most goals for lifestyles are positive motivations.

The fear of firing etc is already a losing goal in my opinion and no matter what you do, you're gonna be histoire unless you start moving forward positively towards a personal accomplishment.

Aloha... :cool: ;bg - by rattus58
My motivation is to leave a small footprint in the world at the end of the day. I have a passion for teaching, training and consulting for the success of others, that I may leave a mark toward others success...in doing so, I leave a legacy...and maybe make a good living in doing so. - by The Dynamic Business
My largest motivating factor came through frustration. I became frustrated with staying on the same level . Having success however it was the same success over and over. I wanted more and knew I wanted more.

What happens quite often to those who are similar to me we know we want more however we do not know how to get more.Until properly motivated along with a direction to follow growth is impossible.

The motivation takes care of itself as I have an insatiable diet learning on a daily basis from my clients,myself and other professionals I have been in contact and discussions. Reading,listening ,impleneting. - by rich34232
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