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Anyone made mistakes like me?

Hi Everyone,

I'm writing a report called "My Biggest Sales Mistakes On and Offline' mainly because I've made loads and it always helps to learn from others!

Would anyone be prepared to share some of their mistakes from early days in this business on or offline?

You could still be in the early days and you've made a few errors along the way that you'd be prepared to share?

I'll gladly include your link in the report from any quote/anecdote you can provide.

Thank you all very much.

Kindest Regards,
Jason - by jcameron

The reason that I'm here is that I've made loads of mistakes in selling. Not following up with clients is probably #1 for sales people. If you are not in route sales or what was once known as debit sales or worksite marketing like we are, you make a sale and move on and your competition moves in.

Aloha... shds; ;bg - by rattus58
The first mistake I made in sales (when I started all those years ago) was believing that I knew what I was doing.
After about 4 weeks (and virtually no training) it became apparent to me that I didn't really know what I was doing. Fortunately I got some help, otherwise I would have continued to struggle. - by marky
We have all made mistakes. One mistake that I had to overcome and one that was difficult for me to overcome was informing the client where we had to go to see my presentation /solution.

I always moved people to a table. Failing to realize that some people hurt and do not feel like moving from the spot they find themselves.However I made them get up and move to a palce that they were not comfortable.
I now ask where is the best place to discuss my proposal and we go where they the client want.

My second mistake not taking what the client has offered to me.When a client asks you if you want a cup of coffee ,water soda, take it. That is a sign of cooperation and that the client is willing to cooperate with you. By refusing the start of the process or conversation has begun with a negative or no. - by rich34232
Thanks guys!

Really appreciate your feedback, please pm me the links you would like me to list!

Many thanks,
Jason - by jcameron
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