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Building Trust

are there any particulars that will go into building trust with a prospect? if done effectively, what is the time curve for this process? ;bg - by cpimpleton
Building trust? Referrals from trusted colleagues go a long way and help minimize hesitation/resistance. Other than that, following through with your commitments goes a long way.

If there's some outspoken lack of trust, it can sometimes be helpful to explain to the prospect why it would be detrimental to you and your business to act in an untrustworthy manner. I don't think this conversation makes sense unless it's something they've brought up though - you don't want to be unnecessarily defensive.

I'd be curious if others have a timeline or equation for buidling trust - I haven't found one yet! :)

Stephen - by sfrenkel
Read Covey's book.... The Speed of Trust ,,,,, to get started. - by jdedwa11

thanks for keeping it simple, yet insightful!!

chris - by cpimpleton
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