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Mental preparation and mental rehearsal

Many athletes go through a game-day and a pre-game mental routine to gear themselves up for peak performance. Can you see how this would benefit you in your sales career? - by Community Mailbox
Why not a boot camp too? How about a spring training? If you're making just one major sale for yourself and your income this year, probably critical. Making a 20,000,000 life insurance sale... probably great idea, but I'm not sure I'm following you if you're suggesting what I'm familiar with with athletes that do triathelons here in Hawaii, for example, for sales.

The mental preparation that some of the folks I know who have run in the triathelon's or those in the family who've competed in martial arts competition is in itself physically demanding and is unsustainable, so I'm not sure again what you're suggesting.

On the other hand, if you're suggesting that your overall view of what you do be reinforced each morning with Mark Victor Hansen type mental excersises, or I believe I heard Tom Hopkins also endorse, yes. Mental Motivations, my own, Smile, Be Sincere, Take the First Step excercise every time I open my briefcase are helpful for me to engage myself with myself. - by rattus58
It's a tremendous boost to mentally practice or prepare for a sales call. You can't do your best selling if you're practicing in front of the customer, so sell before you meet your prospect and you'll sell more. - by Skip Anderson
Hi Skip...

I agree with you totally about rehearsal... I rehearse EVERY sales presentation and for me, like you say, it sorta puts me in familiar territory, like I've been there before, but was that what they was asking?

My communications need help to be sure... - by rattus58
Coincidentally, I just did a blog post on my blog about Dr. Anders Ericsson, a psychologist who has concluded that expert performance comes from two factors:

1. deliberate practice

2. direct feedback from others

If you'd like to read it, go to my website, click on "sales blog", then do a search in the Google box on the left for "Ericsson". There's a number of links there to related sites. I'm fascinated by the topic. - by Skip Anderson
I feel feedback is essential to my growth. Whether it is from myself, my son, or my group presentation members via feedback cards. - by rattus58
I am always preparing for my clients.I love history of my clients and what they have done in the past. New clients I prepare question to find out their past history with otehr companies.
Mental and physical preparation is a must. As Yogi Berra stated 90% is mental and the other 50% is physical. - by rich34232
Mental preparation for the day via mental routine - gearing up - is not foreign to those who have found success in their chosen endeavor. Neither is mental rehearsal - visualization - of the desired outcome. - by Johnny Fairplay
I wake up in the morning, wondering what to do today
I wake up in the morning, should I just go out and play
I look up in my calander, the sheet is white as snow
I'm looking at the landscape, wondering where is it I go - by rattus58
I wake up in the morning, my juices they are flowing
I jump right in the shower, I'm ready to be going
My appointments they are scheduled, my meetings are rehearsed
Wanting to be best is what will slake my thirst - by rattus58
There is a part of the brain at the back of head called the cerebellum.

This is the motor region. Certain bodily functions are hard wird in here such as the blink response, breathing behavior the reflexes etc.

The really interesting thing about the cerebellum is that it is programmable just like a computer. The way we can store a program there is by repetitions.

However.......the cerebellum can make no distinction between a 'real' and an 'imagined' experience...........to the cerebellum both are the same...simply an experience.

This mean that we can do mental rehearsal and have a huge effect on future behaviour.

All you need to do is sit somewhere quietly and start mentally rehears