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Aloha everyone,

I am new here and rather new to selling as a profession, though i understand that I have been selling or being sold my whole life.;st

What I would like to do is open a discussion on copywriting education; namely, materials that teach such as:
  • websites
  • books
  • audio programs
  • video programs
if you have any, please post here with a short review if possible. I understand that links are flagged and provide more work for the mods, so rather than post links, post the site name and we'll search for it ourselves.

I'll start:

Hypnotic Writing:
very good book by Joe Vitale. If you're interested in writing that seems to glue readers to the page, this book is a great place to look. - by Rogelio
Study David Ogilvy, John Caples, and Claude Hopkins. They were the giants.

I have read most of Vitale's material. As you are probably aware, he was greatly influenced by Bruce Barton who he considered a master of copy. - by Ace Coldiron
thanks for the recommendations bro!

btw, I love your blog! please keep up the great work! - by Rogelio
thanks for the recommendations bro!

btw, I love your blog! please keep up the great work!
Thank you. I fell behind in my blog--spinning a lot of saucers lately.

Good to see your interest in copywriting. - by Ace Coldiron
Buy all education books you can get holds on :) - by Getprospectsforfree
I don't mean to sound greedy, but my interest is in improving myself and in making more money. LOL.

copywriting is just another path to travel and grow upon. I love learning and applying. But, I will be honest, I loved english in HS and copywriting is proving to be great fun. - by Rogelio
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