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Are you using Linkedin for sales?

Are you using Linkedin for any sales activities such as finding new customers or staying in touch with current customers? Have you found another use for Linkedin in sales? - by Community Mailbox
Linked In wont let you spam, or contact strangers. (they do but a small number) Therefore you really have to use it as a networking tool to get sale. I think its great, but stay diversified with twitter, FB.. and other social selling channels. - by OneLead Guy
I've set up a profile but haven't actively been using it. How is it? Any success? - by Faizalnisar
Interesting concept. LinkedIn is just another website until you understand how to use it as an effective tool.

As a Sales Trainer, I've set up a profile for possible clients to 'find out more' about me. We all know clients trawl the internet looking for information through sites like this and Facebook.

I've also joined a few sales groups who are sharing information.

I haven't however used it as a sales tool but it is a good idea... I'd be interested to hear how others are using it. - by MrCharisma
I think linkedin it`s a good tool for marketin purpouses.
The sale by itself in my opinion is not made across this social media resourse... what do you think people? - by migueldelacueva
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