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Have you used Twitter for sales?

Have you used Twitter to find new customers or keep in touch with current customers? What ideas do you have for how to use Twitter for sales? - by Community Mailbox
Twitter for sales? I imagine that if the content you tweet was perceived by your reader to be relevant and timely you stand a good chance that they will come back for more. The more they come back the more they have invested, psychic energy if nothing else, in a relationship with you which could yield introductions, referrals or possibly sales if there is a good match. - by Vito
Interesting discussion

With new mediums comes new opportunities.

Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! Groups... are all excellent ways to find or continue to maintain clients.

To use twitter effectively I think you would need to already have a popularity base and a reason why I should join your twitter group.

I've used Facebook and Yahoo! Groups to experiment. I was focusing more on retension and referrals and it did work. I think it first comes down to the rapport you build with your customers.

In saying that, in Australia twitter isn't that big compared to the USA so I guess there would be more opportunites and more acceptance. - by MrCharisma
I have made affiliate sales using twitter, however I personally find one of the greatest advantages of using twitter is that you can tap in the the audience of a leader in your target market, for example if you wanted to promote a self help book you have written you could follow Tony Robbins, click on his followers list and add follow them in the hope they will follow you back which often happens on twitter, now you have a target market of followers on your twitter account, this is very powerful - by Smile
I use it to stay current in the twitter search function. I tweet something about what I sell, custom presentation folders, and if anyone searches for that my name will pop up.

I also try to follow people who might be interested or that have tweeted about pocket folders in the past. I assume this could work with many products or services. - by Thufir
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