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The biggest reason why salespeople don't hit their targets

What do you think is the biggest reason why salespeople don't hit their targets (quotas or goals)? - by Community Mailbox
Assuming the quotas and goals are reasonable and devised by someone qualified to set such goals, the biggest reason for not hitting the goals is lack of competence in selling. However in the cases where competence exists, the salespeople are not talking to enough prospects. - by Ace Coldiron
I think it's because salespeople spend too much time in non-selling activities but here are a few techniques for achieving a sales target. - by Seth
In my opinion, the biggest reason salespeople don't meet their targets is because they don't use the correct sales skills (either they don't use them at all, use them too little, or they use them too infrequently).

Excellence in selling requires:

1. sales skill
2. putting those skills to work often enough to meet target. - by Skip Anderson
I think that they don't have fear of loss and that makes them either lazy or apathetic towards being good.

If you put 20% of your earnings on the line so that you hit a goal, I'm sure you'll hit your ambitious sales goal almost regardless, unless of course something ELSE is worth more than 20% of your earnings to you :)

Try running as fast as you can.
NOW do the same thing but with a raging wall of fire coming your way. I'm sure you'll learn to run faster there! - by DrPattyCakes
Many salespeople fail to hit their sales targets for the same reason they fail to sell effectively - they do not understand motivation and-or how to utilize motivation in their own lives or in the lives of the people they are selling to. - by Johnny Fairplay
The reason? Because sales isn't run like a business in most companies. The lack of process, discipline, accountability, measurement, continuous improvement, strategic perspective and executive sponsorship leaves it far behind other departments. No manufacturing, R&D, finance, HR, logistics, customer service, engineering or even marketing departments would get away with with what sales gets away with. - by davestein
It is true that sales isn't run like a business in many companies. Even when that isn't the case a salesperson has to be able to get himself and his prospective clients to take action. All action in life and business is fueled by motivation. - by Johnny Fairplay
Amen. I couldn't agree more! - by The Dynamic Business
The answer lies here in Goal Setting.

Establish the following
1 Prospecting goals (howmany new prospects each day, week, month year.
2 Calling goals. (Cold canvass, telephone, etc.)
3 Appointment Goals ( How many appointments this week, month, year)
4 Presentation goal ( how many people are you going to get in front of to tell your story.
5 Closing goals (how many times are you going to close to get the business.
6 Income goals so break this down to number of tele call for number of appointments for number of presentations for number of closes,So say you earn $200 commision per sale and you close 1 in 3 you make about $70.00 each time you tell your story. If you make 3 calls to gat an appointment you make about $25 each phone call, that's it

John Hewitt
Sales Secrets Revealed
Sydney Australia - by SalesSecretsRevealed
Every reason for not hitting sales goals is "THE BIGGEST REASON".

The most FUNDAMENTAL reason for not doing so consistently is that the Sales Professional is not mentally ready to do so.

I'm not speaking of skill, or habit - but of Mental Focus.

When Mental Focus is properly trained, all other factors within the Sales Professional's ability to control are successively aligned, ready, and able to hit the mark. - by DynamicMentalFitness
I have seen many salespeople who have lost a prospect's interest but they do not acknowledge that the opportunity has been lost. This is sometimes driven by the Sales Manager who is repeatedly asking what the outcome is from a prospect. Rather than admit the prospect is lost to either themselves or their manager, they spend time in chasing and chasing. My view is 5 follow-ups and then clear from your activity sheet. Unless there is a valid reason from the prospect (long-term illness, waiting for the end of an old contract), the sales person should remove the prospect from their pipeline. The lack of current entries in the pipeline should spur them new and fruitful activity. This is my first post by the way - yipppeeeee! - by PeterHammett
Excellent observation and very succinct.

A less eloquent way of saying it may be: they can't sell or they are too afraid of rejection. - by John Voris
I think the main reason is that they get complacent someone mentioned on one of their post that they stop using their sales skills which is true you need to keep that drive to push to hit and exceed your sales goals.... - by jmassiatte
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