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How would you improve this script?

Hi everyone! I am working in a cold calling script for a new sales team, (we are selling solar panels), actually the objective is to call the attention of the client get information about the company and bring it into the sales process. I feel the script is not so aggressive. I will appreciate if you give me some tips to improve it.Script://////Me: Good morning, I am Ms/Mr (name) calling from (company name)//////Prospect: Good Morning.Me: Mrs/Mr. (prospects name) We manufacture modules under European standards.I just saw on the web you are involved in the industry and I will like to offer you our products. Can we have a quick talk? //////Prospect Positive answer.//////Prospect: Interesting… tell me about it.//////Me: Our factory is dedicated to produce certified modules; we can arrange any specific characteristic that you require. …………//////(after tell the prospect about the products find out more about the business)//////With your permission, I was hoping to ask you a few questions and see if there is anything we are doing that you could benefit from.//////(Try to find out information about the prospect)//////Me: Do you have an email so I can send you more information about our company? ....//////Possible Rejections: //////Prospect: Thanks but I’m not interested…//////Me: Why? Our factory can empower your business with good price and quality.//////Prospect: I already have a supplier…//////Me: Mrs/Mr (name) our factory can manufacture modules depending on your requirements //////Prospect: Sorry but I have no time now… //////Me: How about if I call tomorrow at (time) or (time), which one do you prefer.?(if the prospect definitly doesnt want the product then)//////Me: (Can we have a minute so I can complete my report?)//////(can we have a minute so you can answer me some questions?)//////(Do you have a minute to talk? …if don’t… what will be a good time to call?)////////////Are you actually buying modules?//////How is your business related with the industry?//////(Prepare some questions depending on the client business)//////Me: Thanks for you time. Bye-__________________________________________--//////all critics are welcome! - by JuanHuAn
Bad script as you ask to many closed and open questions. I'm wondering how powerful an impact a statement can be made first off to the prospect such as, good morning, have you ever discovered how important harnessing solar power can be for your business mister prospect? If so, whats it like when you wonder how effective this can be for you and your business? Can you allow yourself the freedom to let go of what your doing right now allowing me to show some useful tips for the future and becoming more aware of the green issues right now? Maybe when you realise the value and benefits you can experience long term, can you afford not to find out more? the opportunities to entice the prospect are endless as long as you employ rhythm and tonality into the overall sales experience. - by SeanPatrick
This script comes across as to much sales. You jump right into the sales pitch without giving the customer any reason to listen to what you have to say.

"Good morning/afternoon/evening, how are you doing today? Reason I am calling, is i believe I have a found a way for you to save some money when it comes to your energy costs."

Not the best intro but atleast it gives the consumer a reason to listen to you - by jrboyd
Sometimes it is better off to start over if you know what I mean. It stands to reason that scripts can help you increase your sales when effective and to write effective scripts you need to understand the general scenario that the script will be used in. I do not think there is a universal script that can be applied to what your doing with which you could expect consistent positive results. - by cocosan
Someone here recently said, "Don't forget to thank your callee for his time in his busy day right off". Keep it simple, keep it short, and have a commitment objective... IE... the appointment to sell your product. That's it, though if you can get someone to give you time to gather information that they will understand you will come to see them with a presentation, I'm not averse to trying that out, but I've seen especially my son and others wind up being asked for a mailer...

Aloha.... shds; ;bg - by rattus58
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