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Gas And Electric Sales

I have been in sales about 2 years now. And 3 months ago i recentley started a sales job door to door knocking.

The industry is gas and electricity to residential customers.

The commision structure is difficult to understand and you do not get paid deals unless the customer stays with the company 3 months.

It seems that this particular type of sales has bein absolutley hammered (i.e. people are completley sick of you knocking on the door). With the introduction of comparisment sites such as uswitch and so it makes this role incredibly harder but there is still top hitters out there earning big money from it.

The target is 25 a week, which is nothing really because a duel (both gas and electric) is classified as 2. But realisticly you need to be selling atleast 30-40 a week just to cover drop outs otherwise you dont get paid any commision.

Just posting this message on the off chance that someone has a bit of knowledge in this role and could help me out.

Thanks. - by coolguydudeman
Did your company provide you with or have you created on your own both a Prospect Benefit Analysis and a Prospect Motivation Analysis form? - by Johnny Fairplay
Welcome! Door-to-door prospecting is still an effective way of generating leads and making sales. But one must be extraordinarily persistent and skilled to excel.


Skip Anderson - by Skip Anderson
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