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Your number 1 sales tip

This topic is designed purely for quicktip information.

What is your #1 sales tip to everybody who reads this?
Please discuss the #1 deciding factor when it comes to your sales success, if there's one thing you could tell a salesman that you feel could change his life like it did yours, what would it be.

Everybody who reads this thread is encouraged to share their personal gem of information unless of course they're looking purely for those gems of knowledge.
Also if you'd like to post an example on why this is your tip or when it helped you more than others go for it :)

Mine: SPEAK STRONGLY OF WHAT YOU SELL! You must love it, and not only that, you must speak very powerfully about it, believe in it! Speak about it practically as gospel when you must present!

Food for thought: Try selling hearing-aids, it'd be a tough sell, who wants to sell hearing aids? How do you speak of them?
Now: Ask a man who was deaf his whole life until he tried one of those hearing aids, how well do you think HE'LL sell the hearing aids? Ferociously and with staggering success! He'll want every deaf man in the world to own one, and given enough time, he'll succeed!

what's yours? - by DrPattyCakes
Have Confidence. If your level of confidence isn't where it should be then learn how to improve it. It's the number one ingredient to become a success! You must believe in yourself and you ability.

I use a confidence assessment with my clients to get a picture of where their confidence level stands. Find someone who can help you grow your levels. - by The Dynamic Business
There are so many number one tips.All of them extremely important.

Here is a forgotten point and rarely do I hear others include this portion when they speak about the sales process.
Thank you Mr./ Mrs. Client for the opportunity to meet with you today.
Many thank the client for doing business or their time at the end of the meeting however many forget to thank the client when they meet. Their time is valuable - by rich34232
My tip:

Selling is behavioral. Do the right behaviors to sell more; do the wrong behaviors to sell less.

Skip Anderson - by Skip Anderson
Green your sales calls! Consumers are increasingly making buying decisions based on the eco-friendliness of companies and products. Of course, it's not appropriate in all instances, but with today's interactive technology, virtual meetings are more effective than ever. Of course, if you are going to use web conferencing, be sure to use a provider whose software is compatible with Salesforce (if, indeed, that's what you're using for your CRM). - by GreenGirl
I'm saying be prepared.

Know your commitment objective for EVERY SALES ACTIVITY.
Have everything you need for a sale with you.

Aloha.. :cool: - by rattus58
I guess the one I see omitted more often than not is;

"Asking For The Sale"

Then, to further exclamate that point;

"To Ask For The Sale Again And Again"

That could also be called Trial Closes, but be prepared to Stop Selling when the prospect gives buying signals.

That one point, all by itself could be the most missed opportunity that many sales people have to overcome and MUST be driven in to any newbies mind and patterns.

Ed - by Ed The Roofer
Dress to impress. sn; - by Polysquared
Know what your selling.

As a sales trainer for a telemarketing outbound call center Ive found that the best sales people KNOW what they are talking about. Its hard to progress in calls when you have no idea what your trying to accomplish.

Know what your doing or all else is useless. - by tele_trainer
People buy for their reasons.... not yours. - by jdedwa11
Help help help help help close - by sales_ace
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