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Another Reason not to Pre-Judge a Customer

**Note this is about prejudging customer before you approach them, not about qualifying them during interview**

Was sitting at my desk finishing up some paperwork when I noticed a Blind man in the show room with his seeing-eye dog. All the sales people ignored him, and I thought he was lost so I went up to ask him if he needed any help. He said yes, and informed me that he was looking at buying a truck. No joke seriously. I thought he was messing with me, but played along, and asked him what type of truck he wanted. He informed me he wanted a Black Silverado LTZ with Navigation and the works. Again I was skeptical, but asked him, who the vehicle was for and he told me himself. I told him didn't mean to be rude but, he was blind and how could he drive? His son has a hardship license and chauffers him around. No joke, this guy turned around and bought a $43,000 dollar truck, and was one of easiest deals I had worked. Front end gross of about 4k and I made a lil bit over $1000 on it. - by jrboyd
Great story.

Why can't we get it through out heads that we shouldn't pre-judge?

When I was a sales manager, I once had an employee who boasted, "I can tell if