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I'm door-to-door

Have any of you done door-to-door?

personally I do alarm systems, I have about 1-2 sales a day and I hit 0s about 20% of the time or so, is this good? considering the price is 44.99 a month with a $99 activation over 3 years? how do you think the product, price and method compare to the amount of sales I make.

I'm not sure about this door-to-door thing right now.

Mostly I'd like to know if anyone here has had experience with door-to-door and I'd like to know their thoughts - by DrPattyCakes
What is it you're not sure about D2D right now, DPC? - by Skip Anderson
Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear enough in my post.
Yes, I'm not sure about door-to-door, I'd like to make a comparison between door-to-door and any other form of selling, I'd like to know what can make the most money and I'll pick through that list sort-of-thing.

i see sales like a girl. I go for looks but i stay for their personality. :) - by DrPattyCakes
It's challenging to make comparisons between different types of sales jobs; in any type of type of sales, there are top performers, and low performers.

Door-to-door is certainly a viable way to make a good living in the sales profession. It's hard work, but people who are really good at it are amazing. To be successful, you have to have thick skin. One benefit: there are always more doors to knock on!

Top performers in B2B sales can make millions per year (yet there are far more people in B2B sales making $40,000/year or less. There are retail superstars who make an income well into six-figures, yet most make $30k or less. Some people try D2D selling but quit because it's hard; but ones who stick with it can make very good money.

My advice: if you like it, go for it. Become the best d2d salesperson you can. Learn how to sell. Learn what works and what doesn't. Keep knocking no matter what. Commit yourself to it for one year. If you've honestly done all you can do to develop your sales skills in that time and you can't make the kind of living you want, do something else.

Skip Anderson - by Skip Anderson
thanks for the tip man, your words hit me well :) they don't go onto deaf ears.

I'm currently recapping my old skills by reading books like I used to.

I'm going to make a post on all my objections and how to overcome them. - by DrPattyCakes
If you only sale 1 to 2 of these a day on a great day then it is almost a must that you knock doors and stand in front of shopping centers or something. I would hustle the heck out of it anyway I could if I decided to hustle alarm systems and door knocking is a must in that business. - by Mr. Mike
I just had a D2D salesperson in my home yesterday. I posted an analysis of his presentation on my blog. In the google search box on the left, enter "knives" and you'll find the post. It may be helpful to those of you selling door-to-door. - by Skip Anderson
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