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What are some good jokes to get them to laugh?

I seem to be boring my customers lately when I'm trying to build rapport. It would be great if you could share some of your jokes. I can start!

Me: How long you been living here?
Customer: 45 years
Me: Oh, you just moved in huh!? :) - by Polysquared
You're a salesman... not a comedian, do your job and forget the grins. Tell him why you're there, ask him what he needs, discover if you can help him, make your recommendations, come to your agreements, and do your follow up. Turn him on to letterman/leno and begone. - by rattus58
I understand I am salesman and not a comedian, but humor isn't just funny. I feel it is my job to make them laugh and feel good in my presence, making other smile. - by Polysquared
No offence.... you're in the wrong business.

Someone comes into my place of business to sell me something I don't have time for them to be cracking jokes... I don't care. I want to know what they have, can I use it, and do I trust them to deliver it.

So in my opinion... an opinion of one, and MINE ALONE, if you feel you have to be cracking jokes, you're not paying attention to the job at hand and not doing your client ANY GOOD! - by rattus58
I mostly agree with this, but I also think this is where you have to read your client and understand the personality type you are working with. If it is obvious that the client is busy and wants to get to the point (like a high "D" DISC), then it is not the time to try to "crack a joke." Besides, if your trying to force a joke, they don't usually work.
Some clients are very people oriented ("I" DISC) and may want to engage in some off-topic or humorous dialog. This is where you have to be careful and keep it professional. Maybe a quick "funny story" that happened to you, and then bring it back to the task at hand.
This could also be an opportunity to advance "creating rapport" with the client by asking them to lunch or get a tee time! These are the clients/buyers that value relationships. - by Jammonn
I have to disagree with you here tom. I am probably the goofiest sales person you ever met but it works for me. I live in prodominatly hispanic area and I happen to be white.

Usually they ask me:
"Habla Espanol?" (Do you speak spanish?)
"Si! Uno, dos, tres, tequilla, cerveza, adonde el bano?" Yes! 1,2,3, Tequilla, beer, wheres the bathroom?

Or I use a variation of is it me price, or vehicle close:
"Sir is it the price you don't like, the vehicle, or is it cus I am white?"

I have fun with it. But I know when to and when not to. - by jrboyd
Heh, thanks for your input! Great way to break the ice. I tend to like to buy from people I like rather than from somebody that is pushy.

Jammonn: I agree, all of those in sales should always be professional. - by Polysquared
Jr..... You are who you are. If you are goofy (I mean this in a friendly spirit) and that is WHO you are, that is who you are. That is entirely different from me trying to be you. If you are natural, great. If you aren't, stick to business. We all who buy will appreciate it more. - by rattus58
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