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"I just have a few questions..."

I work at an inbound call center. I am allowed no call backs and do not have a direct extension. With each prospect, I have one shot. I've been trying to find a way to create urgency with my callers. It seems like, when people call in off of our fliers, their only intention is to ask questions.
Immediately after the greeting of my script, I am required to ask the person if they carry a major debit or credit card. Almost every call I take, the first words I hear from my caller are 'I just have a few questions, I'm not planning on setting up today.'

Any suggestions on how to handle this??

;bg Natalie - by natalie_rene014
Being in somewhat of a bad mood this morning, my initial reaction to your post was a pretty flippant "well when you get serious, so will I.... or... "Lady/Sir here is my delimma with this... I ONLY get paid if you move forward with this and since I don't get callbacks, your asking me questions without being ready to buy is only interfering with me being able to pay the babysitter, so if you will please understand my quandry what's it gonna be....?"

But then I thought better of it.... Urgency.... "Maam... Sir.... is it important that we be able to answer all your questions in order for you to move forward with this today? If so, you'll be able to take advantage of our state of the art technology this evening and be able to surprise your family or be able to relax with us while..... "

You've a quandry if you cannot also get your company to offer an incentive of sorts for moving today... otherwise its gonna be your good nature, your ability to draw them out as to what they are looking for, and assure them that once you've gotten all they want .... tell them that "we can do this... we can set you up exactly like you want it... shall we?"

I did something yesterday I've not done before, I asked a mother "If you were to design an insurance policy for your son, what would it look like?" And by God she did.... and we gave her a proposal that fortunately exactly fit her design... so asking someone an off the wall question like this might work to engage them as well.

Aloha.... :cool: :beer: - by rattus58
Natalie, here's an important rule you should follow your entire sales career. NEVER TREAT A STALL AS AN OBJECTION.

A Stall, as in your example means the prospect is not ready to buy for no specific reason. An Objection does have a reason for not buying yet.

If you challenge a stall, the prospect will often invent an objection.

Acknowledge the stall, and cover the features and benefits along with using their "questions" to learn more about their needs. Summarize the features and benefits as they relate to their questions. Ask how "that sounds?" Then ask for a commitment. - by Ace Coldiron
Natalie, can you explain why your script has the credit card question in it, especially so early in the process? It seems to me that this is a premature question which will create unnecessary anxiety in your callers, which is why you're losing sales momentum.

What thoughts do you have about this?

Skip - by Skip Anderson
Upon scheduling an installation date, there is a $49.95 'processing' fee due. We can only get that with a major credit or debit card. It is also required run the credit check for the qualification. In general, we are require to keep their card on file for any unreturned equipment fees or cancellation fees. Basically, it is pointless to speak with someone unless they do carry one. However, it does create anxiety with many of my callers. Heck, it makes me anxious to have to ask!! I mean, it is mandatory that I ask the question, but I guess I do not necessarily have to ask it right away. Maybe I'll try throwing it in after a few discovery questions, so I've already established some rapport. - by natalie_rene014
Yes, Natalie, I think it would definitely be better to not ask the