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Request for feedback!

This is my first job that I have ever had to find prospects and to be honest I am getting quite frustrated. I sell managed services (outsourced IT solutions) to small business, or I should say I am supposed to be selling. We get semi targeted lists from infousa and I import them and pick up the phone.
I could sure use some help getting my script together, personally I think it is long winded. I recieve a better response from just sending out random emails. Thanks in advance.

Hi Prospects Name this is accountguy from save you money tech am I catching you at a bad time?

Yes: When would be a better time to call you back?

Whatís this regarding? Iíd like to describe the service we provide and typically in the first 90 seconds of the call youwill be able to decide if this is for you or not. If your open to hear about great, if not thatís great to.

No: The reason for my call is we provide a service to maintain and manage small business technology. A lot of businesses out there are frustrated with their technology.

(here is where I am uncertain, one person said for me to have a third party pain story, which I really don't like doing)

Let me give you quick example of what I mean.

3rd party story: met with so and so and they are experiencing all this pain

(or this is the other technique another person told me)

2 things we find: Businesses paying a large salary to a fulltime person to perform tasks that can easily be done remotely or could be automated, blah blah blah.

Iím kind of rambling here but does what I am saying make sense!

Prospects Name our solution is a flat-rate monthly service that provides around-the-clock, 24/7 monitoring and automated maintenance of your network and computer systems to prevent problems before they interrupt your business. This includes desktop maintenance, disk defragging, drive space monitoring, Microsoft patch management, ensuring your antivirus is running and updating, security scanning for hackers on your network, backup verification. The plan also includes unlimited remote support to respond quickly to problems and keep your team productive. We call this the Essential Solutions plan, because it provides your business with everything needed to ensure worry free computing.

Does that make sense?

Prospects name we also have options for antivirus, antispyware, backup solutions and we even provide helpdesk support for users that may need help or have questions about MS word, excel, etc. But you can pick and choose the options you want that meet you needs and budget.

What Iíd like to do is send you information on the service and how it works and schedule a time to follow-up with you so we can go over it together and I can answer any questions you may have.

Is that fair enough? Sound alright?

Prospects Name whatís your email address?
By the way how many computers do you have?
How many servers do you have?

Do you prefer mornings or afternoons?
This week or next week?

That's what I have.:dun Let me have it! I really need to get this working. All input is much appreciated!

Have a great day! - by accountguy
My goal is to get a prospect to do a "try before you buy". This is a free assessment that we provide so the prospect can see what the management tool can do. The information I sent them goes over what the tool can do, how their company benefits from it's use and has the offer for the free no obligation assessment.

During the assessment we generate a custom report to show them all the things that are wrong with their network (security issues, missing patches, etc.) The tool also generates a very useful hardware / software asset report that shows them everything they own. So the prospect actually comes away with something tangible. This also demonstrates how the tool can automate all the tasks that they are paying a person by the hour to do and we make suggestions to improve performance. A follow-up meeting is scheduled to go over the report which is when I