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Cold calling is dead so never cold call again!

There has been a push by a few "sales experts" to banish cold calling from the salesperson's array of prospecting tools.

Some have said that unsolicited or unannounced calls and visits to prospects (cold calling) was a waste of time.

Some have claimed that cold calling was dead and tell us that we should never cold call again.

In my eyes generalizations such as "cold calling is dead" is exactly the kind of misinformation that plagues the sales training industry and hurts the pocketbooks of honest hard working salespeople trying to make a living in sales.

Q: Is there a time when cold calling makes sense?
A: Yes.
Q: Is there a place when cold calling makes sense?
A: Yes.
Q: Is it possible that some people's cold calling skills are more efficient and effective than others?
A: Yes.

Let's ignore those "sales experts" who are trying to tear down or dismiss cold calling and instead share experiences and ideas about when and where cold calling works or doesn't and how to cold call efficiently and effectively. - by Seth
Bravo Seth, I couldn't agree with you more. Cold calling is a viable prospecting tool; if it didn't work, people (and companies) wouldn't do it. - by Skip Anderson
Cold calling....

If we don't call on people to see if they would be interested in spending a few minutes with us to evaluate our products or services, the movement of goods and services and probably even the design delivery and introduction of new and innovative applications goods and services would cease. How good would that be for our economy and more importantly, for our quality of life. - by rattus58
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